Infertility: how did I fall pregnant?

After three years of heartache I was pregnant at last – I’d defied the odds and we would be welcoming our baby in November 2014.

But how did I fall pregnant? I mean, I know how but when I was deemed infertile, how?

When we were actively trying to conceive, prior to Christmas 2013 I’d tried it all.  I’d taken folic acid, pre-conception supplements, I’d eaten a strict health diet, cut all alcohol and lived an extremely boring life to be honest.

Sex wise I was like a women possessed(sorry hubs).  Those old wives tales of not weeing or showering after sex, keeping my legs propped up for hours on end, all sorts – I’d tried it all.

By November 2013 we were worn out.  Literally.  We had lost all magic, sex had become just a way of trying to fall pregnant.

Not cool.

And so we completely abstained from November 2013, we went back to romantic dinner dates, holding hands and focusing on the emotional side of our relationship.

Apart from February 2014.  When we got drunk.  And apparently made a baby… I won’t go into details but none of that old wives tales crap happened…

I’d stopped taking all the supplements, I was eating terribly, and I’d gained about a stone in weight.

I was drinking, eating everything in sight and living life as care-free as possible.

And despite blood tests and scans showing me not to be ovulating, I’d fallen pregnant naturally, without any of the extra stuff I had been doing.

Everyone always said to just relax and it would happen.  And as much as I hate to admit it, they were right…

Looking back, I just thought my symptoms were pains from the PCOS/endometriosis/fibroids; I’d never considered I might actually be pregnant.  I’d never been pregnant before so I had no idea.

I can remember early March having such horrendous pains in my stomach that I fainted.  Of course this was implantation, as I had a tiny bleed at the same time.

From then on I had horrendous breast pain, apparently this is common in a first pregnancy as it is hormonal changes in the breasts ready for pregnancy and breast feeding.

I was weeing ALL THE TIME – I’d even been to the doctors when I was around five weeks pregnant(obviously not knowing at the time) and was told it was due to a urine infection.

Medical professionals automatically assume that you can date a pregnancy from the date of your last period – I’d not had one in over a year at that point.  Hence why I’d not bothered to test for those few months, as I’d been told I wouldn’t conceive naturally.

My pregnancy and birth stories will follow at a later date, but I did safely deliver a beautiful baby boy in November 2014 🙂

A mummy at last

Anyone reading this may well think that it’s easy for me to give advice or forget what I went through, but I never will.  I’d never forget the heartbreak of infertility, I will never forget what we went through.

Love, hope and sticky dust to anyone trying to conceive xx

You can read the rest of the series here.

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2 thoughts on “Infertility: how did I fall pregnant?

  1. I absolutely LOVE hearing stories like this. It gives me so much hope. My situation is different (I have a daughter but am having trouble staying pregnant as we try to conceive a sibling). It’s amazing to see you get your dream after such heartache x

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