Creating An Awe-Inspiring Wedding Reception

The lovely wedding ceremony is over. You’ve said your vows, you walked out of the church with confetti in your hair and you had a moment together. Now it’s time for your guests to slowly start arriving at the party. Every single one of them will be walking through the wedding reception. What they see and experience will lay the foundations down for the next few hours. It should represent what you believe your future years will be about. It’s not just about impressing but giving your guests the right feeling. The style, decor, music and more, should culminate to create an awe-inspiring atmosphere.


Symphony of your love


When guests begin to pour through the door and line up to be cleared through to the main hall, they should have something to accompany them. Live classical music, specifically symphonies you have chosen, would be an amazing show of grandiose luxury. You’ll need to hire a grand piano such as the types kawai Pianos offer. Handcrafted and fitted, these pianos have incredible sound quality. Fill out the online form and the piano will be delivered to your party venue. Then select a classical pianist you’d like to have to play the piano. Confirm with your candidate that they know the symphonies and melodies you have chosen. Ask them to look the part, in a classical traditional black-tie dress. Scattering flower petals over the piano will make it less formal and a mark of the occasion. 


Drinks all around


Guests will need to be checked off the list. Inevitably this means a queue will form. If there are two entrances to the party hall, open both and form two lines instead of one. Rather than keeping the guests waiting empty-handed, pass glasses of champagne around. Waiting staff should bring trays of champagne glasses along with chocolates. Not only will this impress guests but it will prevent them from getting too frustrated from waiting in a long queue. 


Figures of the future


When guests enter the reception, they should be given a display of your future family. Bronze figurines of babies in Greek mythology style sculptures can be dotted around. Rose gold sculptures of beautiful women in draped togas should be standing tall along the walls. You should choose paintings to be hung on the walls that symbolise who you are and what kind of future family you intend to have. It will give your guests a sense that you’re moving forward into times that you have dreamed of. 


Less formal flowers


Wedding ceremony flowers are almost always white. This is a symbol of purity, much-like your dress. For the party, you can have fewer neutrals have more conventional romantic colours such as pink, red and yellow. Get creative with the flower arrangement at your wedding reception. People should realise this is a party and not a formal affair. A flower archway with these colours in mind would be great for guests to walk under just as they enter.


After the ceremony is over, your guests will be in the mood to party. Don’t keep them waiting, have your waiting staff give them champagne glasses while they’re waiting to be checked through to the main hall.

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