iPhone 8/8 Plus & iOS 11

Last week I was invited up to London to check out the latest iPhones along with Apple’s brand new iOS 11.

I currently have an iPhone 6 and it’s slow and frustrating; I’m always a few years decades behind everyone else but I have loved Apple products since I bought my first iPod Mini years ago.

The event was hosted by Three and Dr Logic at the Discovery Store in Islington; turns out the Discovery store is like a tardis and after being herded into the poshest yet slowest lift ever I eventually arrived.

We started out by looking at the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus(AKA the latest iPhones) and we were given some to play with test out.

Size wise the 8 is the same size as my iPhone 6, the biggest change is the all glass design and they are full of awesome new features such as:

  • wireless charging(now I know what the little charging pads in McDonalds and airports are for)
  • 12 mega pixel camera(compared to my iPhone 6 it’s crystal clear)
  • augmented reality(totally addictive)
  • water and dust resistant all glass design(resistant not proof, not quite scuba ready)
  • true tone(the display auto adjusts the white balance to match the light around you)
  • optical image stabilisation(in addition the 8 Plus rocks awesome portrait mode and optical zoom).

I was impressed so far – they contain an A11 Bionic chip which makes them powerful, fast and smart.  My phone is so slow it’s refreshing to hold something so powerful in my hand(take that how you will).

I’ll admit by this point my inner geek became very much, well, outer and I was totally lost in technological bliss.

Next we looked at iOS 11 and I’ll admit I had the hump due to this recent update killing my dinosaur of a phone.  I really wanted to be critical and a bit of a nightmare picking it apart but it’s actually one of the best updates yet.

The features in iOS 11 are pretty cool:

  • the addition of ‘files’(which has been long overdue)
  • automatic setup(new iPhone? Scan a code on your old one and save hours of monotonous setup)
  • scan and sign(you can, for example, scan a bill and sign it on your phone.  Or draw very inappropriate things, up to you)
  • notes(you can add tables, drawings and all sorts.  My favourite new feature, I love a good list)
  • do not disturb while driving(ronseal)
  • indoor maps(no more getting lost in airports and train stations)
  • updated app store(it is AT LAST a lot easier to navigate)
  • social features on Apple music(not really sure why you would want to know that Aunt Bren was listening to Slipknot but there must be a reason behind it)
  • new control centre(it’s been cleaned up, and is nice and easy to use)
  • Emergency SOS – press the side button five times and it calls the emergency services(all the time I have a young child I will NEVER switch this on)
  • iPhone storage – you can easily see and remove the apps and data that clogs up your iPhone(no more downloading Lord of the Rings to try and delete the hidden crap).

I find it frustrating being a little bit crap with technology when new updates come out and there is no ‘dummies guide’ to the new features so it was great to be able to go through the new bits.

We were sent out to take some photos and the best photo won a prize; me and the lovely Kayleigh found a red phone box before falling into the pub under the bad influence of Fran, Erica, Terri and Kip.

It was fun to try out the ‘live photo’ feature which has been around for a while on previous updates – instead of holding the button and taking bursts you instead take a clip which you can tweak and edit with various effects.

Pretty cool.

We even got a sneak peek at the upcoming iPhone X… it has no home button and it looks AWESOME.

(FYI… X = 10, no idea why Apple decided to confuse us and use roman numerals.  Nor why there is no iPhone 9)

The day was wrapped up with a raffle and the prize was a brand new iPhone 8… I didn’t really take any notice as I generally have terrible luck so you can imagine my shock when my name was drawn and I was sent on my merry way with a brand spankers new iPhone.  I’ve had worse days.  And I’ll possibly never be invited anywhere again by my fellow blog buddies BUT it is amazing and has made my otherwise depressed self very happy.

So all in all it was a lovely afternoon – I met some lovely bloggers, learnt loads and went home smiling and slightly tipsy.

You can check out Three here for loads of information on the new iPhones and their available plans and products.


**I was invited to this event by Three and this article is all my own words.  No joke I WON A BLOODY IPHONE 8.  You can find my disclosure here.**

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