Is teaching a good career move in 2020?

Teaching is often referred to as a noble profession.  A lot of people argue that it’s a calling, but you need to love being around kids to enjoy your work as a teacher.  You also need to move with all your students, despite their different mental and intelligence capabilities.  Other than being a noble and a respected profession, is it worth it to pursue a teaching career in 2020?

Teaching comes with a lot of benefits. Its stress-free, considered to be the most rewarding career and gives you enough time to live a full life. Do you still have doubts? Here are six reasons you should pursue teaching.

  1. You can take it up as a second profession

Whether you are a mature adult looking for a second profession or just looking to switch your career, teaching may be the best option for you. For starters, you will have the experience students need to survive outside education and, thus, in a perfect position to guide them. Also, you have learned not to sweat the small stuff, which is invaluable when dealing with growing kids. To enter into education as a second career, however, you must first study a yearlong PGDE primary Scotland course. This certificate will give you the educational skill you lack, so you are equipped to become a great teacher.  A PGDE primary will put in the hands of little brains eager to learn and grow.

  1. You get a lot of time with your family

If you wish to have a family or have one already, you should be thinking of ways to increase the time you spend with them. Family time is more important than anything else. You sure want to be around as your kids grow and develop.  As a teacher, you will have all the school holidays off to stay with your babies.  Besides, a typical teacher’s day end at around 4 pm.  Also, when your kids start school, they will have a schedule similar to yours so you can spend the late afternoons and evenings together. You can also use the school holidays to make some extra money to supplement your earnings.

  1. You have an opportunity to impact many lives

It’s one thing to be successful and earn a lot of money, but true satisfaction comes from positively impacting somebody’s life. As a teacher, you have all it takes to change the lives of your students and help them achieve their goals. You will guide and counsel them to ensure they follow the right path and make a sound decision. The fulfillment that comes with seeing your students succeed is amazing.

If you have doubted the worth of the teaching career, you now understand how fulfilling this profession can be. As a teacher, you will have a greater gateway to many career possibilities, but most importantly, you will love the peace of mind that comes with it. By all means, teaching is a good career move in 2020.


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