Laser Vs Conventional Methods Of Hair Removal

Laser hair removal as a procedure has been gaining acceptance in recent years. It is recognised as one of the best long term solutions for hair removal. Hair removal is not a new phenomenon. Over the course of the human race, various methods have been used to remove hair. The quest for the perfect hair removal method has not ended. Each method seems to have its benefits and drawbacks. This calls for a comparison.

Should we stay with the conventional methods of hair removal, or accept a new method like laser hair removal?

The Laser Hair Removal Method

Laser hair removal uses light to destroy hair follicles by burning them down to the roots. This provides a long term relief for the user. In most cases it is permanent, even in other cases when the hair grows back; it is much finer and barely noticeable. A few sessions are required for a course of hair removal since each hair follicle will be at a different stage of growth. This is highly effective and does not take a lot of time. It does, however, require a qualified expert to execute the procedure. Therapie Clinic is among one of the establishments that have been performing such procedures successfully for a while.

Conventional methods

Shaving is the most common and easiest way to get rid of hair. There is a range of tools with a sharp edge that can be used to shave off unwanted here. It is easy and inexpensive. There is also an industry built around it that includes products meant to make the process more comfortable.

Waxing is another common option that requires a bit more effort and involves some pain. It is still something that can be self-administered and is reasonably cheap. There are creams one can use which work in a similar fashion. It gives the user a better finish than shaving.

If one goes to a beauty clinic they will find more advanced options like plucking, threading etc. These procedures also involve a bit of pain. They are slightly more expensive since they are usually done by a skilled practitioner.


All forms of hair removal are effective in achieving the goal. The differences involved have to do with the method used. Shaving is simply cutting the hair at the surface of the skin. It leaves behind the root to grow again. This process starts almost immediately. Waxing provides a slightly longer-lasting result since the hair follicles are ripped out along with the roots. The hair follicles again start to grow, but it takes some time for it to grow out again. Plucking and threading also work in a similar fashion.

In contrast to these methods, laser hair removal provides longer-lasting results. Most hair follicles are removed permanently. Laser hair removal appears like an expensive option when compared to more conventional methods. One has to consider that they would keep spending periodically on removing hair for most of their lives when they use conventional methods. With laser hair removal it is a one-time spend spread over a few sessions.

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