A lesson learnt – why you should check your tyres

We recently spent a week on holiday in Dorset and thought we had remembered everything.

We arrived after a four hour drive, unpacked the car and settled into our caravan.  All was good.

We had of course budgeted for a week away, and saved long and hard for it – doesn’t everyone!  But the next day we noticed by chance that one of the front tyres didn’t look quite right.  On closer inspection both front tyres were so worn they were in fact illegal.

After a mild panic, we found a local garage who sorted the tyres for us, problem solved.

But our holiday fun was severely hit – we hadn’t allowed for the extra expense plus we lost a whole morning of our holiday.

Lesson learned!

So – before you go on holiday, here are a few tips for ensuring your car is running perfectly and you don’t have any unexpected problems such as ours:

– check the oil and water
– check the tyre pressures and check the tyre treads for wear and fraying
– make sure your screenwash is topped up
– check you have a spare tyre/spacesaver
– make sure you have the car manual and locking wheel nuts if you have them
– check your car insurance, MOT and car tax is all valid.

If you are travelling in or around London then check out DAT Tyres – you can buy extremely cheap tyres in London from them with a FREE online booking service.

If you are unsure if your tyres need changing, it is worth getting them checked.

When driving anywhere tyres are the most important thing as blow-outs can cause serious accidents, they are the only thing in touch with the surface of the road and are often overlooked.

The UK driving test now even covers questions about car maintenance now so new drivers are taught to know your vehicle.  Learner drivers are taught about how to check the engine and tyres in driving lessons to set them in good stead going forward.

Safe travelling 🙂


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