London Restaurants To Change Your Life

For those of us who adore eating food, there’s no better city to visit than London. The capital of the UK has hundreds, if not thousands, of top eateries worthy of exploration. It doesn’t matter what sort of obscure cuisine you fancy trying, there will be a restaurant to help fulfil your craving. You could try Ethiopian, Ghanian, Egyptian, French, Haitian or Lebanese dishes across a range of boroughs. You don’t always have to stick to the city centre and can venture south of the river to try out different eateries without the Canary Wharf style prices. London is diverse, multicultural and cosmopolitan. If you are keen to embark on some ambitious eating, take a look at these London eateries.

Greenport Kitchen


Forget the usual eateries in the city centre, embark on a trip to a Waterloo restaurant. Greenport Kitchen is relaxed with an informal vibe serving up exceptional hearty fayre. If you adore your burgers, why not try the naked joe with chilli slaw or the blue cheese burger with bacon jam? For those people watching their weight, there are some great salads like the heritage beetroot and goats cheese or the cobb salad. The American menu is a little more refined than the diners of the East Coast and the food is tasty and delicious. The staff are friendly and the service is swift. This is a must visit eatery if you are venturing to the capital.




For a Thai dining experience, try a more modern take on the Asian cuisine at Kiln. Here, you can try a Burmese spiced short rib curry. Although there are hundreds of restaurants in London, this is an eatery that serves one of a kind dishes. There is a real barbecue theme with curries galore. The Thai food isn’t your usual fayre and concentrates on regional and rural specialties to bring something new to the table. This is the perfect restaurant for those people after a more unique dining experience.




Italian restaurants have had a bad press recently because they are seen as boring and chain based. Sure, Pizza Express is doing well, but it doesn’t mean that all the other Italian eateries are following generic pizzeria type menus. Padella is a pasta bar in Borough Market that cooks ragu like nonna used to make. The seating is based around an L Shaped bar and there aren’t many covers making the dining experience feel exclusive. Dishes change daily and the plates are small meaning you can dine tapas style. This allows you to try a couple of sauces and pasta without feeling absolutely stuffed. The eatery is modern and sleek with glass everywhere. If you’re in the area, travel to this Borough Market eatery for some awesome Italian grub including meatballs and puttanesca.


For a gastronomic vacation, head to London. Grab yourself a guidebook or head on the Internet and select your restaurants carefully. Use these three restaurants to inspire your foray into the big smoke and enjoy your feeding frenzy around London.


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