Make Cleaning Your Home Easier With These Decorating Tips

Keeping on top of cleaning can be a chore – especially if you’ve got pets and kids. Whilst you can always invest in more gadgets to help make cleaning easier, you may also be able to able to make some adjustments to your décor to make cleaning simpler. Here are just a few decorating tricks to make your home easier to clean.

Use scrubbable paint on walls

If you’ve been thinking of giving you home a new lick of paint, consider a scrub-friendly paint. This will allow you to clean sticky fingerprints and felt tip pen marks off of walls without having to use as much elbow grease. You may also be able to find easy-to-clean paints for doors and cabinets.

Choose the right sofa

Certain upholstery materials are likely to be easier to clean than others. Leather is great if you have kids – you can simply wipe up spillages, whilst crumbs can be easily hoovered off. If you have cats, microfiber could be a better option as it’s more resistant to scratches from claws, whilst still easy to clean animal hair off.

Opt for furniture on legs

Choosing furniture on legs could make it easier to hoover underneath without having to physically move the furniture. You can also opt for furniture with castors, which allows you to move furniture easily without dragging it. It’s possible to add your own castors to existing furniture.

Strip the carpets

Carpets may be the cosiest flooring option, but they’re also the hardest flooring option to keep clean. Laminated wooden floors can be much better suited to homes with kids and pets. Any spillages can be easily cleared up, whilst crumbs and hair can easily swept up.

Place down rugs and slipcovers

If you don’t want to get rid of your carpets and don’t want to be limited to certain sofa materials, another option could be to protect your floors and upholstery using rugs and slipcovers. You can find cheap rugs online that could be perfect for placing in mess-prone areas such as under a dining table or around a sofa – you can then beat these rugs outdoors, whilst protecting the floor beneath. Slipcovers meanwhile could be placed on sofas when your kids are up and awake to catch spillages and crumbs. Some slipcovers are machine-washable making them easy to clean.

Buy an air purifier

Air purifiers are great gadgets for keeping the air clean. They can help to get rid of dust, cigarette smoke and animal fur in the air, preventing this from settling on your carpets and floors, all in all minimising the amount of cleaning needed. Whilst you can get cheap air purifiers, they tend to be less effective at cleaning the air – by paying that little bit extra for a mid-range air purifier, you could help to ensure that the air is being kept clean.

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