Making Memories

I hate that awkward limbo between Christmas and New Year, I’m currently sat in jeans that are way too tight due to too much cheese and merriment, and feeling like a huge fatty bom-bom.


I haven’t even drunk that much the last few days, I’m so annoyed about that fact.  GP has switched my tablets around and I’ve felt a little strange so stayed off the hard stuff.

In fact I think in the absence of alcohol I have substituted all liquids for cheese, crisps, turkey and any other rich festive shit I can jam in my gob.

Anyhoo.  This time of year is always a little sad, remembering family and friends who aren’t with us anymore. We lost my Grandad in March 2015 and I’m sure it gets harder every year, I would give up a limb to be able to go and have a cup of tea, a Chorley cake and a good chin wag with him.  We would talk for hours about cars, old times, and generally put the world to rights.  Breaks my heart to not be able to see him, talk to him, miss him so much.

I can’t remember which film it was, I’m sure it was Hayley Mills who was hugging someone and sniffing them(clothes and hair obvs, not knickers) and when asked what she was doing she replied “I’m making a memory”.  I have always loved that phrase, and my own memories are so vivid from my childhood and beyond, it’s become so important to me to make memories for me, hubbo, W, and all of our family and friends.

Boxing Day we went walking with family, and this was one of those moments, where I just wanted to remember it forever.  I looked back at my local church, blue skies, sunshine, and my nanny, son and auntie were chatting and laughing:

Another lovely one was my sleepy little muffin seeing all the presents under the tree:

The biggest one for me is the seaside. I love the sight, smell and sound of the sea, it’s my happy place.

Obvs not the smell of fish, that shit is nasty.  I’m not a fish fan, unless it’s animated by Disney or if I’m eating it it can’t look, smell or taste like fish.  Basically fish fingers and little prawns is my limit.

My mummy in law lives on the Isle of Wight, that’s some serious spiritual seaside shit right there; being an island and all that there’s plenty of sea.  Lush.

I can’t find a picture at present but my favourite view in the whole world is there – if you walk along the cliff in Lake, there is a gap in the hedges.

If you go through, past the wooden the hubsch, and down a step, there is a steep footpath down to the beach, I believe it is known as the Lake revetment but I’m not sure.

When you turn to the footpath, the view is stunning – it doesn’t matter if it’s sunshine, rain, whatever, it’s just so gorgeous and makes my heart want to burst, something about that view and that place makes me so happy.

Looking down that path you can see the cliffs, Shanklin seafront, ships at sea, sandy beaches, it’s just wonderful.  The sea breeze in your face, the chill in the winter, the saltiness of it, I could bang on all day, if I close my eyes I’m there.  Fucking lush.

Must dash, decorations to take down and more bad food to devour.  Plus the small one is abed so I *may* sneak a cheeky nap in.

Rock and fucking roll!


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