Masking my skin problems – top tips for skincare

It’s currently February 2021 and we are in what feels like lockdown 398(3?  Is it lockdown 3?  Does anyone even know anymore? Argh…) here in the UK.  Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic is thankfully starting to ease off, I’ve noticed a common issue amongst friends, family and work colleagues – sore, spotty skin, due to extensive face covering wear.

I work in healthcare, and I wear a mask for 8-12 hours a day – I’ve managed to hone my mask make-up skills, by avoiding anything from my under-eye down; but it seems even when I cleanse, tone and moisturise my face, mask wearing is causing me some very painful spots and patches on my cheeks and chin especially.

I figured I’d peruse the internet and swot up on some skin tips, to help myself and anyone else out there suffering too!

Gently, gently

The general consensus of the internet seems to be to take a gentle approach – strong cleansers are a no-no, and gentle facial cleansers and toners are in.  Harsher cleansers can strip your skin of essential oils, causing it to dry out – redness and irritation being the main culprit here.

The basics

A basic skin routine would include cleansing, toning, moisturising, and wearing a suitable SPF during the day to protect against sun damage.  I’m a huge fan of gentle products that I can use for the whole family; and I tend to look for gentle facial cleansers that are suitable for sensitive and dry skin.

Hydration for the nation

Hands up all of those who don’t drink anywhere near enough each day… water is one of the best things for healthy skin; it keeps you hydrated, flushes toxin out of your body and it’s just an all-round good guy.

Goodnight, sweetheart

Sleep.  Yes, not a physical thing at all skincare wise but vitally important for staying all-round healthy and believe it or not – lack of sleep will age your skin, as well as making it dull and tired-looking.  Experts seem to think that we should all be aiming for 7-9 hours of sleep a night – I mean sleep is my favourite thing in the world so I don’t need asking twice to catch those zzzz each night!

Are you suffering from skin struggles?  Do you have any tricks of tips?  Please share in the comments below!



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