Me vs. The Mystery Illness

My wobbly bingo wing is increasing in size and I’m creating an arse-dam when I’m in the bath.

This is not good; I can feel myself gaining weight.

I’m so frustrated and I want to be able to run and do all the high impact things I used to do but I can’t at the moment.

I can barely walk up the stairs let alone attend fitness classes and walk ten plus miles a day like I normally do.

But I hate not being active; I love to keep moving, I don’t know much about the science behind it but just achieving a short walk to get some fresh air makes me feel so happy and proud and it makes me want to eat a bit more carefully.

So last night I came up with this:


It’s completely soul destroying and I can’t say I don’t feel terribly negative about having to go back to the very start but being active is being active and I have to start somewhere.

The idea is forming the habit of walking each day and hoping my body cottons on and it may help me feel better.  I’ve had to order knee supports in the hope they help my leg pain when I walk and I’m going to start gently.


So this morning I took a little stroll, a ten minute walk turned into a forty minute shopping mission. And then 8000 steps and a trip to the seaside later I was absolutely ruined to the point I couldn’t drive back.  Bugger.

But it’s a start and I’m going to listen to my body and not make myself feel worse.

So, lets do this.  Mystery illness – I’m coming for you.


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