Me vs. The World. 10th Feb 2017

I needed to go out today; and I looked ROUGH.

Marilyn Monroe famously stated “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world”.

I disagree; I’m not really a shoe person.  I live in a pair of Primarni boots and my Puma Suede’s and I can’t even remember the last time I wore heels.

I’m only five foot two and should really wear heels but I hate wearing them, so Mazza’s quote doesn’t fit me at all.

When I am needing to face the world, most of the time I just dash out in my scruffy clothes, head down, not wanting to be seen.

Today I wanted to feel like I could face the world; feel like me and not be shit scared that someone may notice I have half an eyebrow missing and stare.  And more to the point, who cares what anyone else thinks, as long as I feel good that’s the main thing.  And if a little makeup helps, what’s the harm?  I was only going for a blood test but its the small things that make a different and all that jazz.

So I plaited my hair(see here) and put some slap on.

Boom.  Life changing right?

I have a scar through my left eyebrow meaning no hair grows on one half of it, and I have been searching for years to find ways to fill it in.  I currently have a fringe that covers it but I hate living in fear that the wind may blow and my baldy brow may be revealed(think Phantom of the Opera when the mask comes off).

I’m currently using an eyebrow pen, which goes on like a dry felt tip and seems to fill the bald bit perfectly without rubbing off.  The one I’m using is a Stargazer one in brown, and it lasts all day and into the next, unfortunately it does get a slight green tinge as the day goes on.  I’m still searching for something that will stay all day and not go green…

Eyeliner wise I used to wear a gorgeous bright blue Urban Decay pencil, and I still do on the rare occasion I go out; however; I don’t feel I can get away with it for daily use, so I like to use black eyeliner nowadays.

I can’t use a pencil for shit.  It smudges, catches on my fatty eyelids and I end up looking like Gene Simmons the morning after a heavy session.

I used to use a semi liquid eyeliner in a pot with a brush, but that seems to be better for more dramatic eyes, and perfect for sixties style flicks and cats eyes.

(Photo: Google stock image)

At the moment my weapon of choice is my old faithful Natural Collection liquid eyeliner.  It’s easy to apply, goes on cleanly, gives a simple and clean line and stays put all day.  It’s also all natural and doesn’t irritate my sometimes sensitive skin at all.  I also use a dab of Natural Collection mascara just to make it look like I have a few eyelashes.

Base wise I only use a BB cream now; since my acne has settled right down I only use this or tinted moisturiser for day to day, it moisturises, has SPF in it, disguises redness and stays put all day.


And Voila – I’m ready to go, all in five minutes.  That leaves me twenty minutes to bribe the small one into getting dressed with a biscuit and wrestle him into a nappy.

I love makeup but find it so hard on a restricted budget, I’m always on the lookout for new things and I will let you know what I find!


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