Meal Plan 26th March 2017 & Getting Back On It Part 238,456

Ug.  I’m a little bit shit at this meal planning malarkey.

And I’m not doing so well on the healthy living front either.

Big fat fail.

But, it’s a new week, and must stay positive.  Operation Reduce My Huge Arse must continue.

I have done Slimming World on and off for years; it’s the only plan I have stuck to, gone back to and felt really good doing.  I do however not like the idea of filling up on food packed with artificial sweeteners, everything low-fat low-calorie and all that jazz.

I’m not saying it doesn’t work but I’m more or less diagnosed as having Fibromyalgia and I’m trying to cut out anything that may trigger a flare up, or make me feel worse.

Plus I watched a programme on artificial sweeteners and diet foods and it proper scared me; it’s packed full of so many chemicals, it’s not for me.

So I’ve been left in a bit of a dilemma.  I love 75% of SW and want to return but I can’t hack the diet-food free foods and things.

I discovered the awesome Two Chubby Cubs last year and I’ve cooked so many of their recipes; they are packed full of flavour and I decided yesterday to have a little scout for some new things for my meal plan for the week.

I wanted to try the Chicken Gyros and saw that they recommend getting an oil sprayer and synning a small amount of oil as opposed to using FryShite(any SW people will know what I mean, yellow shit that lubricates cookware as well as a Brillo pad).

This made me think.  Could I adapt SW to suit me?  Could I follow the plan as before, but syn full-fat versions in recipes?

This could work – instead of wasting syns on crappy sweets made from fat-free yoghurts and filling up on processed stuff I don’t really need, I could use my syns on general food as opposed to treats.

That’s not to say I won’t still have treats, a cheeky Freddo now and then won’t kill me.

So I’ve looked at my diet and figured out how I can syn ingredients and stay on plan.

I cook with Olive Oil which is 2 syns per level teaspoon.  It’s worth it, for the sake of my pans – FryShite killed my best frying pan.

I have some Belvita Soft Bake biscuits to use for work breakfast; they are 9.5 syns each.  It’s a lot but they are quick and easy on a work day; I really struggle to get the small person and myself ready before 7am and get my breakfast and lunch ready for the day too.

I love the Naked Noodle pots; they are super tasty and filling; I’m assuming them at 1.5 syns each, and I can have 2 slices of small wholemeal bread with it from my HEXB(healthy extra B) if I’m really hungry.

Milk and cheese, it can all come from my HEXA, that’s not an issue.

I found my weight loss was at its best when I used the full 15 syns per day; so these tweaks should be easily achievable.

Let’s talk yoghurts.

Fucking yoghurts.  I hate the bloody things.  It was like a SW rite of passage when I attended meetings that you could eat twenty fucking Muller Lights a day and make sweets, puddings and probably fucking pizzas with them.

I’m not a yoghurt fan.  I won’t be buying them.

I do like Greek yoghurt – it’s nice with fruit or with spicy food, I’m not sure on the syn value of full fat yet, that’s come to look into.

So… my meal plan for the week.

Monday – Chicken Gyros (Food Shopping being delivered)

Tuesday – Fishcakes, rice and salad

Wednesday – Fajitas

Thursday – Sloppy Joes Tater Tots(2cc recipe)

Friday – Prosecco, with a side of Prosecco(I’m out on the piss – jackets with cheese and beans for the boys)

Saturday – Spag Bol

Sunday – Undecided.

Shopping wise my shop tomorrow has cost around the £40 mark to stock up for the week; that’s including milk, bread, lunch and breakfast stuff, etc.

I’m also planning on going for a walk at least three times this week… 30 minutes, just me and some music.

Please send me your encouragement, tips, help, advice, bad jokes…. 🙂

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