Meal Planning – Week 1 – 12th March 2017

I love eating and I love food, but I’m terrible with money and incredibly lazy.

I end up buying random stuff that I never use and end up with so much waste.

I came across a bloghop called #mealplanningmonday hosted by Hijacked by Twins and Little Paper Swans and I’ve sat and read every single post, I’m so inspired and full of ideas to try and plan as best I can.

And of course, if I write it down and hit publish for the whole virtual world to see, I have to stick to it, right?

I’ve decided to do an online shop tomorrow for delivery Tuesday, and am going to account for every single item I buy and use it.  No waste.

So I have decided on the following for the week:

Monday – Frozen leftover Spaghetti Bolognese

I work Monday’s so hubbo usually starts dinner before I get home, I know we have frozen Bolognese sauce left and that will go nicely with pasta or spaghetti.

Tuesday – Iceland Meal in a Bag

My second work day is usually the same as above – I’m dead on my feet by the time I get home and I love the Meal in a Bag from Iceland for quickness.  Not the best but better than a takeaway.

Wednesday – Beef Tacos & Salad

I usually crave something home cooked and fresh by Wednesday, and it’s my first of five days off.  Hubbo wants tacos so that is what we shall have.

Thursday – Chicken Tagliatelle

Never made this before but just found a recipe for it and quite fancied it – I can bulk it out with veg and things too.

Friday – Jacket Potatoes, Cheese & Beans

I am out for cocktails and Beauty & the Beast(very excited) so will leave something filling and easy for the boys for dinner.

Saturday – Slow Cooker Curry

Again as above, I’ve just seen a recipe and it looks lovely, I love my slow cooker and will post a recipe once I have tried it.

Sunday – Roast Whatever-meat-is-on-offer

Chicken is my go-to meat but hubbo is a bit sick of it.  I’m very funny with meat and find my crazy PCOS hormones make me go off meat quite a lot, so we are restricted but I will find something.  Beef maybe?

I also need to go through my store cupboards and work out what I have; I’m pretty sure I can rustle up loads from what I have.

I’m hoping to do my food shopping and top up cleaning supplies, a new sippy cup for the boy and a few other non-food bits for around the £50 mark.

Lunches I’m keeping simple – sandwiches and fruit. yoghurts, that sort of thing.

Will pop back later in the week and update!


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