“What do you mean – you don’t eat no meat?”

I’m not sure if its in my head; the nausea from my anti depressants or what but I can’t stomach meat.

I’ve had a weird relationship with meat my whole life – I can’t stomach fatty meat and I generally only eat:

  • beef mince
  • sausages
  • chicken(but only rarely)
  • turkey
  • bacon(no fat on it at all).

For as long as I can remember I’ve struggled with the notion that cute fluffy animals then turn into food and I’ve always had to not think about it.

My best friend is a farmer and years ago I asked her how animals went from field to plate and I went off meat for a few months.

I’ve been aware for a while that my fussy meat-eating is not giving me a balanced diet and I’ve tried to eat other meats but I just can’t seem to stomach it.

Things got worse three years ago when I was pregnant – the smell of meat(raw and cooked) made me gag and it has become more of a problem since to be honest.

I can’t say I’m against meat because I’m not at all – I do have issues with certain things I have read and watched over the years and in the last few weeks in therapy I have been talking about my turbulent relationship with food and I’m currently just concentrating on recognising hunger and being kind to myself.

Thinking about this has made me think about what I eat and how balanced my diet is.  Turns out it’s not balanced at all due to my issues with meat.

So I’ve done a bit of research, spoken with friends and considered going full vegetarian.

This is a lot to consider as my son and husband are very much meat eaters and I need to be able to cook them meat while substitute or cook differently for myself.

Current NHS and government health guidelines are that you should eat a balanced diet that is low in saturated fat yet high in wholegrains, fruit and vegetables.

My concerns are that I may lack in protein and iron – so I need to be careful to balance this out.

So yesterday I bit the bullet – I did my food shop and I’m currently on my second day meat-free.

I’m not missing it, to be honest – I feel happier if anything that I have meals and snacks to look forward to and I’m not dreading meals.

Can anyone relate to this at all?  I’m calling it meat aversion I guess – I have got to the point where I cook a meal and the thought of eating meat puts me off…

Will keep you posted – do you have a favourite veggie recipe?


One thought on ““What do you mean – you don’t eat no meat?”

  1. I have been through the same thing. I had an aversion to meat which intensified with each pregnancy and have also had ‘issues’ with seeing animals then eating them. I am now veggie but eat fish so get protein there, also love all types of beans etc which are great for you.

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