Mental Health Parentals – a new community

I’ve had the idea for Mental Health Parentals in the pipeline for as long as my blog has been live as it is something I’ve craved for and I truly believe could be helpful.

There are tonnes of online forums, groups on Facebook and so on across the internet and social media where you can speak to fellow sufferers and while they are amazing, I’ve found them not suitable for me.

When I am in the deepest depths of a depressive episode and struggling to look after myself and be a mum, especially when things are really bad, a group and others to speak to can help immensely.

I do find that there are not many places to go for parents with depression and other mental health issues and that is where this idea has come from.

When I am well I just want to help others as they have helped me – I want to offer advice, guidance, help, and even just a shoulder to cry on in the virtual sense.

But the issue with being well is that is is incredibly easy to be triggered again and it is because of this I found I wasn’t best suited to groups with daily and general regular contact.

Sometimes I just wanted to talk, sometimes just to listen, sometimes nothing at all – and I have been removed or made to feel unwelcome before because I can’t always commit to a group fully.

Anyways, I digress.  I love social media, and especially Twitter and Instagram, and I love a hashtag – I love to connect with others who feel the same, and I’ve met some lovely people along the way.

This got me thinking – and this is how I came up with the idea for Mental Health Parentals.

The idea is simple – if you want to talk, to connect, or to get involved in any way, shape, or form, you tag your posts with #MHParentals.

Anyone is welcome to join in – I wanted to create a space for parents with depression and other mental illnesses to be able to connect and find others but I don’t want to alienate anyone.

Feeling low?  Need support?  Write a post, Instastory or anything on Twitter or Instagram with the #MHParentals hashtag and someone will find you, and offer any help and support you need.

Want to help and support others?  Search for #MHParentals and all posts using the hashtag will appear – you can follow, comment and connect as you like.

Want to make new friends?  Connect with others who may be experiencing or have experienced the struggles of parenting with mental illness?  As above, search for the #MHParentals hashtag and you will find others.

The beauty of it is, you can be as involved as you like – nothing will display on your feed unless you go searching for it and so it is fully adaptable to however you may be feeling – if you don’t want to be triggered, you don’t have to be.

That’s basically it – just one, cheeky, simple hashtag.

I have no idea which direction this will go it – one day I would love to grow it into something, but we will see how it goes.

I would love you to connect with me – and please share!

Lisa xx

Long term Mental Health Parental

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