Merry Christmas!

Merry bloody Christmas all!

I’m currently laying in bed after barely two hours sleep last night and a giant Christmas dinner has just sent me over the edge, I may be comatose for a while.

We have all been thoroughly spoilt, I’ve had a Fitbit upgrade to the Charge HR, I’m so happy and so pleased to get active again next year.

The boy has had a whale of a time and is so overwhelmed he has been a nightmare.  Put him to bed for a sleep and ten minutes later I hear “poooooo mummy”.

Nappy off, shit everywhere, happy days. This kid loves a dirty protest.

In other news, I’ve taken the doctors advice and am now taking regular pain medication to try and keep things at bay, I can’t carry on as I have been, it’s getting worse and dragging me down.

Plan for rest of day:

  1. Sleep(lazy bitch)
  2. Try not to murder toddler who is being particularly vile today
  3. Be merry
  4. Get very merry.

Merry Christmas to all, have an amazing day ?


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