MOFM: Confidence is Key Tag

I was tagged by the lovely Cheryl from Mummy of 5 Miracles to take part in her ‘Confidence is Key‘ tag.

I do love a tag and I especially love one that aims to spread a little love about ourselves and others.  Especially in a blogging dry-spell, when my creative juices are non-existent.  Win win.

With a tag comes some rulez:

  1. Thank the person who tagged you by telling them something you like about them, something that will build their confidence and linking to their page.

  2. Add 5 things you dislike about yourself but then end it with positivity (e.g I hate my flabby belly but because of it I have amazing children)

  3. Tag another blogger who inspires you , explain why.

  4. Thank the creator of the tag (mummy of 5 miracles) and link to her page.

  5. Tag 10 people who you think are amazing don’t forget to tell them why!

So I’m starting by thanking Cheryl from MOFM for tagging me; she is a hero in my eyes – 5 children and I struggle with one!  She is one of my closest Twitter friends and is always around to listen and give awesome advice.  She also has great banter and cracks me up.  Big love for Chez, virtual wine and hugs to you.

Next up is five things I dislike about myself but finishing with a positive:

  1. I hate my fat, wobbly and baggy belly; but I love that it grew my little boy.
  2. I hate my post-baby body in all; but I do love the jugs it has left me with.
  3. I hate that I lisp when I talk; but it is a part of me and makes me unique.
  4. I hate that I have depression; however it has made me stronger as a person and especially as a mum.
  5. I hate that I have PCOS; but I did have a miracle baby.

Another blogger who inspires me is the amazing Rhyming with Wine for many reasons; mainly because her blog name contains wine and us winos need to stick together and because she writes the most awesome poems and I love her writing style.  Her blog is pretty and she is a very clever lady.  Chin chin.

So now I need to tag 10 amazing people… in no particular order *drumroll*…

Anna, aka Me, Annie Bee – she’s my blogging sister from another sister and I love her, she’s awesome.

Mums of Wandsworth – because they(although I think it’s actually one person so I’ll say she) makes me laugh and I love her posts across social media.

The Mum Project – ever since I started blogging she has been so helpful and has given me some really positive feedback in linkys, especially #StayClassyMama.

Admissions of a Working Mother – Sarah was the first blogger I ever met in person, I walked into a preview event and was like a fish out of the water, and she came up to me, said hello and really put me at ease.  She is also a fellow Kentish mum.

Papa Tont AKA Life of Tont – a true gent and very funny dad blogger.

Fun with 1 Plus 1 – Kelly is another local blogger and has given me some great advice in relation to some of my blog post topics, she’s lovely and always so helpful.

Whinge Whinge Wine – I’m full of love for the local bloggers today, and Fran literally makes me wee myself she is so funny.  Plus she let me join her You Have to Laugh Smile Squad and it’s a lovely, friendly place when I can post articles about bum holes and not be judged for it.

The Tale of Mummyhood – #Blogstravaganza was one of the first linkys I joined and I think it started around when I did, it’s such a friendly one and I love reading Zoe’s blog.

Daddyness – another dad blogger I really admire, he cracks me up and is always friendly and funny across social media.

Lycrawidow – because she is the retweet queen and is always super friendly and writes some amazing articles.

(if you don’t participate in tags let me know, but let’s face it, the links are nice. 🙂  Don’t scrub me from your Christmas card list just yet)

This was fun to write – tagged ones, it’s over to yoooooou(Mystic Meg voice – remember her?)





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