Morning snuggles

I’m so tired it’s ridiculous.

Toddler kept waking, hubbo kept snoring, I am running on coffee and festive cheer.

Hmm. Just coffee then.

Day off today, I stayed up stupid late wrapping presents, and writing lists to make myself feel organised when literally I’m so disorganised this year I can’t handle it.

Meeting my mummy friends today to take the kids to soft play, which I’m hoping isn’t going to be stupid busy, I am barely in the mood for my own child let alone hoards of overexcited children on school holidays. Bah humbug.

An early wake up call of ‘mummyyyyyyy….poo?’ and a large coffee later, and we are having one of those treasured moments watching ‘The Snowman’.

I turn into a proper soppy shite with this film, I find it so magical, I get so teary.

It’s one of those moments where I remember the heartache of being told we couldn’t conceive naturally; the months of heartache; and then I thank my one lucky egg that our little miracle happened and how bloody lucky we are.

I will never forget that heartache, and every day I thank the big man upstairs(Him not the hubbo) for giving us W, miracles do happen.

I can remember watching this when I was younger and thinking how on earth do the parents sleep through all of that? They sneak into their room, ride a motorbike round the garden, and the parents just sleep on through.

My theory?  Bob and Deirdre(fuck knows if that is their names but we will go with it) had too much advocaat, went a bit crazy and passed out.

“Bob, what the fuck is that kid doing, is he riding your bike round the garden?”

“Fuck knows Deirdre, he can’t hurt himself, quick, go back to sleep and ignore it”.

We all do it, when baby/toddler/child wakes up in the night.  You are laying in the dark, hoping and praying that the snoring adonis next to you will wake up and go see to them.  You stick a foot out, brrrr it’s cold.  You keep waiting, hoping that they wake and see to the crying one.  Eventually, they wake up, and go and soothe the small one.  You think “yes, I’ve won”.

And then you need a piss.



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