I was tagged by the fab Sarah  from Whimsical Mumblings in this, it’s taken me ages to get round to writing but I had great fun thinking about it and it’s a bit of good old fashioned fun.

And I loves me a bit of silliness.

So, the gist of it is:

  1. Answer some questions.
  2. Say thanks to the person who tagged you.
  3. Tag 5 people to have a go.
  4. Send your script to the appropriate film studio and they will offer you millions to make a movie based on your life.
  5. Ignore number 4.
  6. Cry into a glass of wine.


Question One: Who would play you in the movie and why?

Melissa McCarthy.  Hands down.  I love her and she’s hilarious and we would totally be bezzie mates in real life.  Thelma & Louise.  Mel & Sue.  Daphne & Celeste.

Lisa & Melissa.  We would totally smash it.

Question Two:  Who would play your significant other?

I really thought long and hard about this one.  I wanted to come up with something intelligent and meaningful.

But I decided on Tom Hardy based on the fact he is pure sex on a stick and I would write a porno lots of love scenes and it would be complete filth a work of art.

Question Three:  What genre of movie would it be?

Aside from my love scenes it would probably be under the Slapstick-comedy-disaster movie genre.

Question Four:  What would the movie be called?

My Big Fat Depressive Saggy Tits & Prosecco Loving Life.

Question Five:  What would be the opening song at the start of the movie?

I’d love something powerful, meaningful, inspirational…

So probably the Benny Hill theme or The Muppets maybe.

I’m asking the same questions to the very lovely Me, Annie Bee, Kaboodle Mum, Wee Ohana, The Squirmy Popple and Amy & Tots.









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