Mum hair: tips & tricks

Mum hair.  Is it really a thing?  I mean hair is hair right – everyone has it(apart from Vin Diesel obvs) but why is mum hair a thing?

Let’s wind things back five years to 2013.  I was a career girl; clad in a suit five days a week.

And I had super sleek, thick hair.  I used to spend £100 every six weeks on highlights and a hair cut.  I had bottles of lotions and potions to tame my thick locks and I had that annoyingly perfect hair(not big headed – hindsight is a wonderful thing) that looked good scraped back or however I styled it.

And then in 2014 I fell pregnant – I was tired for nine months and I couldn’t be bothered as much; my hair got really thick and it was lovely.

And then I gave birth and my hair care regime changed.

Energy became more precious than a rare diamond; I found myself making choices such as whether to brush my hair or enjoy a hot cup of tea.

And then three months post-partum my hair started falling out in clumps – my lovely, thick hair was shedding and I was distraught.  My husband wasn’t helpful – years of joking that I’d buy him a hair transplant backfired on me and it was me that was, well, going bald.

Of course it was temporary; my hair did grow back but it’s never been the same.  It isn’t as thick and I look like Wurzel Gummidge most of the time.

But I have found ways to make the best of my crazy mum hair…

  • Plaits are your friend.  I have annoying baby hair that sticks up; plus I can’t be bothered to straighten my hair or indeed brush it most days – a little fringe plait jazzes up a simple ponytail.
  • Overnight curls.  I generally always wash my hair in the evenings as I don’t have time in the mornings; so I either plait it wet or tie it up into a couple of buns and in the morning I have instant curly hair.
  • Hats are your friend.  I live in a woolly hat in the winter; it hides a multitude of sins.
  • Ponytail hair extensions.  You can get clip in ponytails, buns – the possibilities are endless.
  • Choose your colour wisely.  I find that my hair dries and looks horrendous the lighter it is; I’ve generally stayed brunette to try and keep it in a good condition.
  • Regular snips.  A good hair cut encourages growth and keeps your hair in good condition.
  • Relax.  I find myself comparing myself to the other mums that always look immaculate – it doesn’t matter what you like like, just be you and stop stressing!



**This is a collaborative post**

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