My Boiler Has Broken Down – Now What?

A boiler breakdown can become your worst nightmare – if you’re not prepared. Don’t fear though! There are simple measures that you can take in the event of a boiler breakdown to ensure the problem is solved quickly and effectively. 

Stay Calm

The first thing that most people do in the event of a boiler breakdown is panic; why did it break? How will I fix it? How much will it cost me? During any crisis, be it health or domestic, it is extremely important that you stay calm in order to take the most effective measures in fixing the problem, rather than acting out of desperation and panic, consequently adding to the issue by creating more stress than needed. Ensure that you don’t overthink the problem by taking deep breaths and thinking rationally.

Assess the Issue

Once you have overcome the initial shock of the situation, it is time to safely examine the boiler to assess how severe the damage is. This is an important step to take, as some issues such as a blown fuse or a recent power cut are easily fixable without the assistance of an engineer, ultimately saving you both time and money. Whilst it can be tempting to attempt to fix the issue yourself to try and save money, some issues that are not fixable by simple measures, as mentioned, can require further assistance. If quick fixes didn’t work, you will need to call in a professional, as it is possibly too dangerous or requires special equipment that a professional can easily provide. 

Seek Help from Others

Once the situation has been assessed, if the issue was not able to be fixed immediately, don’t be ashamed to seek help from others such as friends and neighbours. If there is no hot water available in your home due to the breakdown, most neighbours and friends will be happy and able to provide you with as much as you need, or allow you to use their shower and kitchen appliances. If the breakdown happens in the summer, the lack of heating won’t be a huge problem, however if the breakdown occurs during the winter, make sure to stock up on or borrow blankets from friends or neighbours, or even ask to use their hot water for hot water bottles and drinks to keep you warm. 

Protect Against Further Damage 

Once the boiler is working again, either from a simple home fix or help from a professional, you can easily prevent further failings by frequently assessing your boiler to ensure that there are no immediate concerns that may cause issues in the near (or distant) future. As no appliances are built to last forever, it is inevitable that your boiler will run into some kind problem in the future, no matter how well you care for it. Whilst these issues often arise without warning, you can still prepare for them by insuring your boiler against emergency situations with a company like who have more than 15 years of experience in the industry. With multiple insurance plans to offer, Certi make it possible to not only cover your boiler, but to also cover plumbing and drain issues with certain insurance packages, ensuring that your home is provided for in the case of any other future emergency.

It is almost inevitable that at one point in time you will face the issue of the boiler being on the blink. Keep this advice in mind for future reference.


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