My heart breaks for you

Monday 22nd May 2017.  Manchester.

As a mother, and as a human being I’m so upset and distressed by what happened; I cannot put into words how tragic and awful this attack was.

I cannot comprehend how someone could make a bomb; a dirty device filled with glass, nails, nuts and bolts to cause maximum harm and then walk into a place filled with children and blow themselves up.

We live in a horrible world; a tragic and unforgiving world.

Children.  They were children.

Monday evening they would have been excited and consumed with happiness to be watching a favourite singer live; and as the lights went up at the end they would have experienced the rush of adrenaline you get from watching live music and seeing an idol.

Yet something so terrible was waiting for them.

Those beautiful young people had their whole lives ahead of them; they had just gone to a pop concert.

Some never made it home.

We will recover.  We will stay strong.  We will not be beaten.

Hug your loved ones tight.

Stay safe.

Be kind to yourself and others around you.

Manchester, my heart breaks for you.

Friends, family, and anyone affected; you are in my prayers.




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