#MySundayPhoto – Family Walk

#MySundayPhoto – Sunday 7th May 2017 – a family walk along the river

This is my first time linking up and I really regret selling my DSLR last year, I really want to get back into photography, so for now my iPhone will have to do.
My first photo is my little man jumping on a pillbox along the River Medway yesterday; he loves all the sights, smells and sounds we experience and it’s lovely at Spring time.
My second is us discovering our shadows and the mancub trying to pin his down, bless him.
The plan for next week is to have a go at cycling the river path – I’ve been looking online for a new bike, and possibly a seat so the boy can come to, I’ve been looking online for cycling bargains in in my local cycling shop too.

15 thoughts on “#MySundayPhoto – Family Walk

  1. My toddler is obsessed with his shadow, he can’t quite work it out, but it’s so funny watching him try to grab it. Love your photos, iPhones are great for capturing moments like these #daysoutwithatoddler

  2. River walks are the best, so calming and always a guarantee of a nearby pub for a refreshing drink and bite to eat. Perfect for sunny weather. Your iPhone has done a marvellous job of taking your photos, not bad for a camera phone! #daysoutwithatoddler

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