One step closer to diagnosis?

I had a hospital appointment today, regarding the pain in my hands following bilateral carpal tunnel release surgery in November last year.

I developed carpal tunnel when I was pregnant in 2014 and it had got so bad that I needed the surgery.  Unfortunately since having it the pain in the joints and muscles in my hand have got increasingly worse, to the point of near constant pain.

My GP is convinced the pain is associated with whatever my chronic illness is; as it seems to be my body’s reaction to surgery and shock to develop this chronic pain.

When I had my C-section I developed an extreme allergic reaction and was in a bad way.

When I had my hand surgery the same happened again.  Strange.

I was x-rayed and had blood tests today and the doctor confirmed I have no obvious bone or joint issues.  He explained to me that he thinks it is an autoimmune condition making my body react to surgery by creating this extra painful inflammation.

This backs up what my GP said, and I have more appointments in six weeks time.

In the meantime I am to continue to manage with painkillers and physio which I’m hoping with make a difference.

I know I may not find answers and results quickly but at last, a step in the right direction to diagnosis.


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