Our Easter 2017

As a rule I love Sundays; they are a proper family day and an opportunity to do whatever we want.

Or sleep of a hangover, which is hell with a toddler I might add.

As per my previous Easter post we didn’t have much planned; namely an egg hunt, a massive roast dinner and maybe a walk.

It did not disappoint.  The egg hunt was great fun and the small person loved it.  I think even mummy and daddy did too, it’s lovely to see him grow up and gain independence.

I spent about five hours preparing and cooking a roast dinner of epic proportions.  Think Christmas dinner and then some.  I bought a leg of lamb on a whim from Lidl last week and it was huge – 2KG and all meat, not just fat.

After slow roasting the meat in a mix of my own hand-grown herbs I cooked the roast potatoes in the meat juices and also made the gravy from it.

I finished up with some huge yorkshire puddings and fresh veg and laid it out buffet style.  My boys loved it, it was super yummy.

We went for a walk; to try and avoid the post-lunch heart attack coma and get some fresh air.

We live on the site of a former mill and right next to the River Medway and it’s lovely for walks and things to see.  We decided to investigate the other side of the river as we knew there was a small nature reserve and some green space for the small person to burn some energy off.


We ran, laughed, cried, fell over and enjoyed seeing some nature; and then walked home along the river and had some fun at the play park.

All in all we had a lovely day, the mancub was worn out and we had fun – win-win.

Do you live in Kent or the South East?  What are your favourite walks or things to do?

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