Our First… Trip to the Cinema

I’ve wanted to do a toddler-friendly cinema screening for ages but could never face the hassle, hell and potential tantrums it could bring.

My friend has been a few times and when we saw the Lego Batman Movie advertised we decided to go.  I loved the first Lego Movie and so this was the perfect excuse for me to go to take the mancub for his first trip to the cinema.

Our local cinema is Showcase Cinema De Lux at Bluewater and every Thursday at 10am they do Baby Pictures.  It’s a bargain at £5 per ticker and the cinema has lowered volume, soft lighting and your little cherubs may roam free during the showing.

Sounded amazing to me, and we could book online too.  Done.

After nearly dying driving there in Storm Doris (brown trouser moments aplenty) we arrived and I made sure I had lots of food for the mancub and a large Caramel Latte for me.

I’ve learnt that I can just about occupy my small person with copious amounts of food and toy cars – I was hoping this and the new environment would keep him interested for an hour.  When will I learn.

The small one was in awe of the bright surroundings and was eager to go in.  We sat on the front row and had plenty of space to spread out and for the little ones to do as they pleased.  We decided to arrive at about 10:20 so as to miss the bulk of the adverts and trailers and avoid unnecessary boredom related tantrums early on.

The mancub climbed into his seat and he was transfixed, bless him.  He loved it.  He was quite happy munching away and watching the film, it was a great atmosphere and was nice to know you wouldn’t get kicked out if your kid went bat-shit-cray-cray.

The film itself wasn’t as good as expected; it was a little dark and not really interesting for the kids; I would say its better for school age children and up.  This made life a little difficult as it became harder to keep the kids occupied.

About an hour in the kids started to get a little tetchy and bored; food and toy cars were no longer holding their attention and they wanted to run around.

A mum in the same position said “Oh, this is hard work isn’t it”.

I replied “Yes, I wish I’d bought a straitjacket and a strong sedative”.

She looked at me like I had taken a shit on her child’s head and walked away rather quickly.  No sense of humour, then…

The floor space in front of the screen became an arena for crazed toddlers on sugar-highs to run around and wear themselves out have fun and play.  My one huge negative is that the screen itself if surrounded by a curtain and a skirt, which was easily lifted up by the small people and incredibly scary to think they could disappear behind there.  Surely it should be blocked off or pinned down… it must have been designed by someone who had never met a crazy two year old.

So, in case you have ever wondered what is behind the cinema screen, I can tell you – its dark and essentially hellish to try and locate missing toddlers back there.

All in all, despite the fact it got a little stressful towards the end when the kids got bored, it was a great experience and we enjoyed it so much we are hoping to go back very soon.

We wondered how acceptable it would be to go for a cheeky bottle glass of wine afterwards…


10 thoughts on “Our First… Trip to the Cinema

  1. Wow!!! I’m impressed! I’m 4 kids in and I haven’t been that brave yet. My toddler is super excited for lego batsman (he’s only 2 1/2). We’ll definitely wait and watch it at home so if he gets bored it’s no biggie!! Thanks for sharing 🙂 hope the wine was good! You definitely earned it!! #KCACOLS

  2. Well done on braving your first trip to the cinema – and in Storm Doris too! It certainly sounds like it was a successful trip even if they were disappearing behind the screen curtain.

    Mine are 4 and 6 now so it’s a lot easier to take them to things like this.

    Thank you for linking up to #KCACOLS and I hope to see you back again on Sunday x

  3. I am looking forward to Snappy’s first trip to the cinema but it’s a long way off yet. Sounds like a of work though but then isn’t leaving the house? #kcacols

  4. I’ve been thinking about taking mine to the cinema too, but haven’t quite braved it yet! That women definitely needs to get a sense of humour, I actually lol’d when I read it! I’m glad you enjoyed it for the most part! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza xx

  5. This sounds great, pity that the film wasn’t immersive for the little ones. Laughed out loud at your straight jacket and sedative comment :’) #KCACOLS

  6. We haven’t been brave enough to try the cinema (eldest 2 are 6 and 4). Short attention span and fear of angry voices *rolls eyes* Nice to have a slightly critical review of the Lego Batman as everyone else just raves about it #blogstravganza

    1. It’s great for any age, I’d recommend it and Bluewater is so easy with little ones, I’m Maidstone so not far for me x

  7. Well done for venturing into the world of cinema with kids – it’s a scary one and def should be accompanied with complimentary booze! My kids are older now, and it’s a joy – for me as much as for them – 2 hours in a dark room with 1kg of pick n mix and nobody bothering me. I hope you get back there soon. And I loved the ‘brown trouser’ comment – I haven’t heard that for ages! LOL #KCACOLS

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