Parenting 101: #EPICFAIL

I am not winning at this parenting lark.

My plans to be organised and all that jazz are failing on an epic scale; and we woke up this morning at 6am to a fridge containing nothing I could make breakfast out of.

No bread, minimal milk, no cereal.  Not even a cheeky egg or lone sausage to concoct a cooked breakfast.

Ah.  Feck.

My next plan was a swift drive through at my local golden arches.

Then I remembered hubs has the car.


There was nothing for it; we would have to get dressed and do a mad dash to the supermarket.

As usual the mancub was immaculately dressed and looked awesome.

Me?  I had hair so greasy it didn’t require a hairband to tie it back.  I think I was wearing a little of yesterdays makeup and my leggings had a mysterious looking stain that I hoped and assumed was chocolate.

We were there and back by half eight and I guess the bacon sandwiches were a nice reward.

Note to self: always keep an emergency loaf in the freezer.

(AKA Mother of the Year 2017)



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