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I’ve written recently about how Pass the Prosecco Please had lost it’s direction and how I felt penned in by labels and statistics and all that.

There has been a recent trend where on Facebook blogs tend to say ‘Mum’s Blog – a parenting blog’ and so on, which has got me thinking – what exactly am I?

  1. I’m a mum and I write about the everyday shit.
  2. I’m depressed and I write about how shit it is.
  3. I’m a wife and I write about how shit my husband is(sometimes).
  4. I’m fat and I write about how shit being fat is.
  5. I’m a keen cook and I write about how shit-hot my cooking is.
  6. My house contains a menagerie of pets and I write about shit that is sometimes.

First and foremost I guess I’m a parenting blog but I do wonder what direction I’m heading in.

I can’t exactly call the page:

‘Pass the Prosecco Please – a parenting, mental health, lifestyle, health, food and pet blog’

So I’m proud to be an ‘everything’ blog, and that’s how I shall stay 🙂

Lisa xx

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