Plan An Escape Room Weekend In Coventry

The summer is coming to an end, and every parent wonders how they can escape the responsibilities of the back-to-school/back-to-work time. Be assured that no parent is looking forward to the beginning of September, especially those of us who are going to take their kids for the first to school. But there’s no escaping from the tears. They will happen, but they will also soon disappear. 

In the meantime, however, you can’t help but feel a little gloomy about your child heading back to school. Have you considered planning a getaway weekend to escape the harsh reality of the end of summer? The best way to walk away from your reality for a short while, according to players, is to enter an escape room. So pack to bag and embark on a Midlands escape adventure. 


What to wear?

The first and most important question you’ll find yourself asking as a new player is whether you need special equipment. Don’t panic! A quick search online will reveal that enthusiasts share one piece of advice for your outfit: wear something comfortable and cosy. In other words, your everyday wardrobe is ideal for the activity. Most escape rooms don’t require any intense physical activities. However, some might need you to bend or crawl for a short time. Therefore, it’s best to avoid short skirts and tight dresses! 

Where to stay?

The majority of escape rooms in the Midlands are in Birmingham and Coventry. If you’re unsure where to stay, either of these locations will do for your trip. However, you might find that Coventry offers a more peaceful environment – as fewer cars are driving through the town centre. After a day in an escape room, you want to reward yourself with a yummy dinner! If you’re looking for healthy options about where to eat in Coventry, Mediterranean cuisine is probably the best thing you can do with your mind and body. It’s full of nutrients that gear up your brain such as fish and vegetables, but there’s a strong sense of comfort with every dish too. 

Which games to book as a beginner?

It’s difficult to know where to start when you’ve never played an escape room. A company such as Escape Live offers rooms that are accessible to new and veteran players. Their props are playful, and their puzzles are simple enough for a newcomer to have a lot of fun. Besides, with themes such as the casino heist or Armageddon, it’s impossible not to forget about your day-to-day worries to become an adventurer for a brief moment. Young children, however, would prefer the cute Alice in Wonderland room – Down the Rabbit Hole – at Escape Reality, which is in Coventry town centre too. 


What else to do in Coventry?

Last but not least, if you’re heading to The Midlands, take the time to tick some must seen off the list. The ruins of the cathedral in Coventry is worthy of a visit! However, if you prefer something more light-hearted, head to the Black Country Museum, next to Dudley. 

Are you ready to become a Midlands explorer for a weekend and escape the back-to-school reality? Escape rooms will take your mind off things, while the local culture will win your heart!

**This is a collaborative post**

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