Planks not Prosecco – End of Week 1

So I’ve just done my first full week as a gym-goer and I’ve posted daily updates on Instagram but not written much here so I wanted to do a little update.

I had a programme set last Wednesday(a week ago) and the instructor was great – I explained my Fibromyalgia and suspected back issues and he worked out a plan to get me fit but not kill me.

It goes as follows – bear in mind I’m very unfit:

  • 5mins warm-up – Cross trainer
  • 10mins walk treadmill – 30secs fast, 1min slow
  • 10mins bike – level 12, keeping at 60-70rpm
  • Bridge Planks – 3 sets of 15secs
  • Planks – 3 sets of 15secs
  • Chest Press – 30(KG?) – 3 sets of 12-15
  • Lateral Pull – 30(KG?) – 3 sets of 12-15
  • Leg Press – 50(KG?) – 3 sets of 12-15
  • Cool down and stretches.

Initially my stupid head told me this was so basic and wasn’t worth the effort but I’m retraining my brain and going back to basics.

Initially the first couple of full workouts were bloody hard.  The cross trainer hurt, and my legs felt like the were going to burst.  The treadmill wasn’t so bad; apart from sore ankles but I was expecting that.  The bike has always been and still is my arch nemesis; it makes me want to throw up.

The weights, I quite enjoy the slower pace and feeling my muscles working.  Granted, I still can’t lift my arms after a workout, I am feeling the burn for sure.

Plank, plank, plank.  Pregnancy and childbirth via the sunroof has destroyed my stomach.  There are abs in there, I can feel them, but good god working my stomach muscles is a killer and unbearable.  Holding a plank for 15secs seems very far away; but I will carry on and see how I go.

All in all I’m finding I am really enjoying it all, the last time I used a gym was about 8 years ago and it was just a way to lose weight, I never really enjoyed it and thought about how good it was for me.

I love the rush I get when I finish that gruelling 10mins on the bike; I try to savour it and remember how it feels to spur me on.

Eating wise I’m trying to eat well, and cutting as much sugar and processed shit out as possible.  I’m also really enjoying being a nerd and looking into nutrition and how to fuel my body and mind properly.

I did have a slight wobble today – I weighed myself.  I cried and then promptly threw the scales in the bin.

Any tips or advice would be greatly received as usual, I’ll keep updating as I go, I’m feeling really positive.

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