Planning and Booking a Holiday Rental This Summer

When you travel as a family, being able to book and stay in holiday rentals, like villas or cottages, can be a much better way of doing things. It can mean it is just like a home away from home, you have the comfort of separate rooms, giving you plenty of space, as well as things like private pools. So it can be comfortable, as well as safe to have these spaces when you travel. 

If you are planning to go away for your summer holiday, and like the idea of a villa or a cottage over a hotel, then here is a quick guide to give you some pointers of what to look for when choosing your next holiday villa. No matter where in the world you choose a holiday home, with the rise of rental sites and things like Airbnb management companies, it means there is plenty of choice. So there will be something to fit everyone. Here are the things that you can do to get the best bargains, and choose the one holiday rental that will suit all of your needs.


What kinds of villa holidays are there?

If you’re not sure where to start with holiday homes, or aren’t even sure if a villa holiday is the thing for you, then you need to learn about the types of trips that you could take, and the groups that these enticing holiday rentals will suit.

  • Honeymoon villa holidays

There are some really deluxe and luxury villas in a whole host of locations. So if you are looking for something luxurious for a honeymoon, it doesn’t have to be all about an all-inclusive hotel.

  • Family villa holidays

If you are planning to bring the whole family, then a villa for a family can be a great way of doing things. It can even make it cheaper if you share the cost of a large villa between a couple of families, or take grandma and grandad along with you. 

  • Villa holidays for large groups

There are lots of large villas or holiday homes that can be a good way to have large groups together, such as for weddings, hen parties, and so on. With the right research, you can find homes with twenty bedrooms or more, so can be a great choice.

How to book cheap villa holidays

Keeping costs down is going to be a must, especially for a family holiday; sticking to your budget is really important. So here are some tips that can help when you’re looking to get a holiday home on a budget. 

  • Sort your villa holiday early

The key to getting a good price, is by booking well in advance. Certain places, like Spain and Italy are popular destinations. And when demand is high, then it can mean that prices go up too, simply because they can. So get in there early, and it can help a lot.

  • Off-the-beaten-track 

On a similar note to the above, if you choose somewhere that is a little less in demand, then it can be a good way to keep the costs down. Start swapping places like Tenerife for Sardinia, and the Loire for the Garonne, for example. 

  • Do villa holidays outside of summer

Going away when the kids are off school is the dream. But have you thought about going away in half-term, rather than the main summer break? It can mean costs are lower when you mix things up a bit.


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