Plans for a home office

**This is a collaborative post**

Things have been a little stressful on the work front recently – as of today I’ve handed my notice in and I’m starting a new job next week, which hopefully is a step in the right direction for a new career.  But I’ve also made a huge decision – I’m going to try and take my blog and writing to the next level and try and make some money from it.

At the moment I’m writing this with my laptop propped on my lap – I have a desk that I never use and my notes are sitting in three chaotic piles, I have no system and no organisation.

Our house is small – there is no room I can use as an office, so I need to find a space I can turn into a work space.

My options are limited – there’s the shed, although that’s cold and not good when the boy is at home; the bedroom which has space but again is tucked out of the way and lastly the open plan downstairs – which is the best option.

The desk

I currently have a tiny desk I picked up for free six years ago – it’s falling apart and isn’t even big enough to fit my laptop.  I’d love a corner desk or one with drawers – with space for a lamp, a notepad and of course the laptop.

Something to look at

Of course when I’m working my eyes should be on the screen but it’s important to make a working area visually pleasing.  I really like the idea of having wallpaper or brick slips directly behind the workstation as well as photos, maybe a poster.  Something to make it my space.

A comfy place to rest my bottom

At the moment I’m breaking my back perching on a folding kitchen chair – I’d love a proper comfortable leather chair but I don’t really have the space – maybe one of those ergonomic stools would be better, and more comfortable.


I have bits of paper and notes floating around everywhere – I’d like some stacking boxes to organise my paperwork a little better.  And I’m going to label them!

A notice board

I’ve always wanted a notice board – I’d like one that I can write on and pin bits of paper to, to try and stay organised.


The biggest change I’m making is time – I’m going to be spending at least two hours a day six days a week on writing and blogging; using time when the boy is at preschool and evenings when he is at home.

Watch this space – this mama is pushing my writing to the next level!

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