Playgroups & Prosecco by Jo Middleton – Book Review

**I was sent a copy of the book in exchange for this review.  As always all opinions are honest and my own.  This post contains affiliate links**

I’ve written quite a few book reviews before and reading is something I love – so when Playgroups & Prosecco by Jo Middleton was up for review I couldn’t say no – could it be any more my cup of tea(or Prosecco)!

About The Book

Playgroups & Prosecco – the mis-adventures of a single mum is written by Jo Middleton AKA the fabulous mummy blogger Slummy Single Mummy.  It’s written in diary-entry form and starts in January and follows Frankie, a single mum of two through a year of ups and downs.

About The Author

Jo Middleton has been blogging as Slummy Single Mummy since 2009.  She has two daughters and lives in Somerset.  You can find her on Twitter as @mummyblogger and on Instagram, Facebook and her blog.

The Frankie Fan Club

The main character is Frankie and I loved her from the very first page – she’s hilarious and totally relatable.  I love the Bridget Jones-esque starts to every chapter such as:

“Monday 5th March

Excuses made to self for not looking at fundraising spreadsheet – 8 (bad), Tinder messages sent – 8 (good).”

I love the little details like the local Insta-mummy who seemingly leads the perfect life we all know is fab and we all follow one or more of them for no apparent reason; the internal struggles Frankie shares with the reader and the inner monologue we can all relate to.

Frankie is refreshing – she’s saying what we all think and she rocks.  It’s okay to have cereal for dinner and it’s okay to not be on top form all the time – and as mums I think we should be sharing this more, rather than the Insta-fabulous fake ideals that aren’t real.

A Fabulous Read

Playgroups & Prosecco is just fabulous from start to finish; I loved it and I was sad as it came to an end.  I’m hoping there will be more books following on as it’s a great read.  I want to meet Frankie, I want to be best friends with Frankie and I want to get blind drunk on Prosecco with Frankie – I feel like we could be soulmates.

I laughed out loud and could really feel how Frankie was feeling – and I love the little mum-things she does that we all do, like having ideals of a luxurious gelato by the sea but ending up with a Double Decker from the Co-op!

Thank you to Jo and Penguin for letting me read and review this book – it’s 5* from me!

Playgroups & Prosecco is available from Amazon UK here on Kindle, Paperbook and Audio and from Penguin here.

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