Quotes – Carrie Fisher

I’ll admit I didn’t know much about Carrie Fisher, but I’ve been reading some incredible quotes and been inspired to buy a couple of her books, I’ll admit I have fallen for her way with words and taken great motivation and inspiration from them.

This was one that really stuck with me, so powerful.  An admission of mental illness, and such strength to be unashamed and to not let it beat you.

The second one, literally is like it came from the bit inside my head that doesn’t know how to explain itself.

For years every fucking doctor has always said, I’m depressed, and you feel poorly because you are depressed.  It’s the depression that makes very muscle and bone ache, makes your chest go tight, makes you physically sick.

But this isn’t true.

I truly believe I feel depressed because of how poorly I feel at times.  Yes, I know I have underlying depression, and it haunts me, but it feels like something triggers me, sets off the pain, and makes the depression worse.

At the moment, my issue with food, is as the quote says.

Depression makes me binge, the binge makes me feel poorly, and bam, my body becomes a huge poorly fat fucking mess of a side effect of my mind.

Rest in peace Carrie, you true legend, inspiration, and motivational babe.


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