Random acts of kindness

Monday’s and Tuesday’s are brat free, I work two days a week on Reception in a dental surgery, I’ve been in dentistry for fifteen or so years now, in various different jobs, and I quite enjoy it, it’s nice to be me and not mummy for a few hours.

The weeks before Christmas are notoriously busy in the dental world; everyone seems to be either skint or crunching toffees – which culminates in the Great British Oh-Shit-It-May-Hurt-Must-Get-It-Fixed-ASAP.

It has been crazy busy, today has presented every sort of dental emergency going; I’ve looked after babies, wiped away tears, been shouted at, lost a patient(he bypassed reception I mean, we didn’t kill anyone), and all sorts of the usual things I deal with daily.

But today I came across something I have never ever experienced in my whole working life.

I can’t go into details, but a patient was unable to pay, and another patient, a complete stranger, insisted on paying the bill.

I’ll admit I cried, I couldn’t believe how lovely it was, a true genuine act of kindness!

Thankyou, you beautiful, kind, wonderful soul, you have made my day, and proven to me that there are still kind people in this world.  

And then someone left a set of (used) false teeth on the desk. 

Fucking great.


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