Reasons Why It’s Not All Bad News Now That Summer Is Over

We’re in September at the time of writing, and the autumn season is just about settling in. 

Just where did the summer go?

If you’re bemoaning the fact that the sun is about to set at an earlier time, and that your summer bucket list hasn’t yet been completed, then you’re probably not alone. Time flies, especially when we are having fun, be that having barbecues on the beach or jetting off on vacation with our nearest and dearest. 

Looking ahead, you might be dreading the colder weather coming in. You might hate the fact that you have to get your road-tripping car winter-ready. And you might not be very happy at having to go back to work, especially if you have already taken an extended time away from your workplace. 

If only summer could last forever! 

Sadly, it can’t. And despite playing Elton John’s ‘Don’t let the sun go down on me’ on a loop in the desperate hope that the universe will pay attention to you, it’s time to let go of the fact that the seasons are now changing. 

Still, it’s not all bad news, and below we have some of the reasons why. We hope they raise your spirits if you have been experiencing the post-summer blues.

#1: The kids are back at school

While the prospect of going back to school might have filled your children with feelings of dread and misery, it’s good news for you. You can finally gain control of the TV if you’re not working in the daytime. You don’t have to find endless things for the kids to do in a bid to entertain them. You can start to save money again now that you don’t have to pay for day trips and other summer holiday activities. And you can regain your sanity a little, meaning you won’t have to be that shouty and irritable mother that emerged when your children eventually started to drive you around the bend. Your kids will be glad of this too! 

#2: It’s time for your autumn wardrobe

You don’t have to completely discard your summer fashion, of course. If you want to wear it for longer, then that’s fine, although you might want to think twice about your bikini in the nippier weather. But now is a good time to focus on your autumn fashion, be it a vintage-inspired dress from Joe Browns (see our previous link) or your cosy and warm winter woolies. You can look good whatever the weather, so if you haven’t already, perhaps now is the time to visit your favourite online boutique or high street store for a little bit of fashion therapy.

#3: There are some awesome movies to look forward to

Are you a bit of a film buff? If so, you have probably been spoiled for choice over the summer, with blockbuster movies such as Avengers Endgame and the latest Men in Black; top family movies such as Toy Story 4 and The Lion King; and niche-offerings, such as the Beatles-inspired Yesterday and the chilly horrors of Midsommar. You might naturally assume that the best of Hollywood was now over for another year. Not so! The big-screen adaptation of Downtown Abbey is coming out in September; we have Will Smith as the Gemini Man and Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker hitting our screens in October; the new Charlie’s Angels and a Frozen sequel are due in November, and there’s the latest Star Wars movie in December! Who said the blockbuster season was over? Here’s a comprehensive release guide to all of the best movies coming soon. 

#4: You can look forward to cosy nights in

The weather might soon be cold and miserable outside, but you don’t have to feel the chill or misery on the inside. Now is the time to sort out your heating for the autumn and winter months, perhaps changing your utility provider before any expected price hikes, and purchasing such things as a WiFi heater or a wood-burning stove to reduce your energy bills. Now is the time to sort out your autumn viewing, browsing the TV guides for the latest shows, and adding new programmes and movies to your Netflix watchlist. Now is the time to buy a few family board games to play with the kids, or a few books to read for your much-needed alone time. And now is the time to buy a few healthy snacks, so you have something good to eat when you’re putting your feet up. After the hectic summer months, now is the time to get cosy at home!

#5: The worst of summer is over

Summer is awesome, right? Well…yes and no! Now that the season is over, you can say goodbye to those embarrassing sweat patches brought on by the overwhelming heat. You can say goodbye to the influx of flies, wasps, and pesky mosquitos. You don’t have to feel guilty about wanting to stay indoors all day. Your peace and quiet will no longer be interrupted by your next door’s neighbours garden parties. It’s the autumn, and while there will be aspects of the summer you will miss – your own garden parties, family vacations, and excuses to eat copious amounts of ice cream – you have to admit, the summer months aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

#6: It’s almost Christmas!!

Pretty soon, you will be hearing the tap tap tapping of Robin Red Breasts and carol singers at your door. You will walk into the shopping centre and see stores filled with festive gifts and other goodies. Christmas lights will be erected all over town. And with a heart of gladness and joy (or so the Christmas carol assumes), you will be revelling in the Christmas spirit (perhaps literally if you still have last year’s Gin in the cupboard). It’s nearly Christmas, and assuming you love the festive season, you have much to look forward to. Thank goodness the summer is finally over!

So what if the summer is over! Life goes on, and despite the diminishing sunshine, it won’t be as bad as you think. Let us know your thoughts, and if you have any other reasons as to why the end of summer isn’t bad news, post your suggestions below!

Thanks for reading!

**This is a collaborative post**

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