Decisions, decisions: redecorating the family room

We’ve lived in our house five years this week and so far we’ve not redecorated; well apart from the kitchen last year.  We rent our house so we don’t want to go crazy but at the same time we need to live here and we want it to look nice.

I say we – I always joke that the hubs would happily live in a blank room with just a fridge full of beer and a TV.  Meh.

Our landlord is pretty cool – he lets us do anything we want to the house apart from:

  • knocking down any walls
  • cutting down the cherry tree in the garden.

The kitchen was a mission – I decided on white walls and the bottom half grey; getting the line straight was a nightmare and I’m not sure my sanity can take any more complicated pattern shenanigans.

Next up is the biggest job of all – the front room AKA our family room.

Our house is open plan; so our front room and kitchen are separated by a smell divide; the stairs are open and any colour we choose needs to be able to cover half the kitchen and up the stairs.

Everything is magnolia.  After eight years of renting I am SICK of magnolia.  We unfortunately have a rather, erm, loud sofa to try and match in…

10 points to whoever spots the dog

So this limits our options – I’ve tried a few different options including a feature wall but nothing really works – so apart from white, which is an awful idea with a three year old, dog and sloppy husband we’ve(I’ve) decided on a biscuit kind of colour.  I believe the colour is officially called ‘Crispy Crumble’ and it’s a lovely shade that should work well.

Accessories and decorations are the next big decision – the sofa is staying for now(not my choice, I hate the bloody thing) but I’d love to change my other furnishings such as the lampshades; although I’m not totally sure what I’d go for that would work.

Going back to the sofa – I’ve been looking at ways to revive it a little; by changing the cushions and maybe adding a couple of throws to give it a new look.  I’ve been scouring the internet on sites such as Julian Charles for things that may work but again due to the clashing colours it has to be neutral, possibly a shade lighter than the walls?

Curtains are another item to consider – the room can we quite dark so I’ve stayed away from curtains previously but I’d love to make a feature of them; maybe when we get a new and neutral sofa.

Do you have any tips?  I think the sofa needs to go!








**This is a collaborative post**

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