Renting out your Home: How to Attract Tenants

If you have decided to rent out your home it’s likely you’re feeling a little worried about it. How can you ensure your home is attractive to the rental market? How can you also ensure that your tenant stays in your property for a long time? You can find one answer at DinoDecking but before we explore that let’s take a look at other options.

Give your Home a New Coat of Paint

One of the best ways to attract a tenant is to make sure your home looks clean and modern. No-one wants to live in a home that needs a bit of improvement unless the rent is low. A fresh coat of paint, preferably in magnolia or another light colour can make a world of difference.

Paint rooms magnolia or a light shade, not only does it give the rooms a lighter look but it makes them look bigger too. You may also be pleased to know that adding a fresh coat of paint will make prospective tenants think that you care more about your home.

Use light colours throughout the house or flat and don’t forget to paint the skirting boards.

Replace the Doors and Windows

If there are any old doors in your home you should consider replacing them. If the doors are perfectly good then a fresh coat of paint will suffice. Make sure that every door open and closes properly. Bathroom doors should have locks that work and are easy to use.

When it comes to windows, it goes without saying that they should all be double glazed. If you want to get away with having single glazed windows you may have to keep the rent down. Modern double glazed windows that can be locked will look so much better and add a better level of security.

Deal with Any Issues in the Kitchen

Does the oven work? Is there enough workspace? These are a few issues that you should consider. If you are not providing an oven it’s important that a gas or electric oven can be connected very easily. If you’re offering your home to families there should be enough workspace so meals can be prepared.

You may also want to take a look at your sink: does it leak? Do the taps work okay? Think about all the aspects that are important to you. Then consider every single part of the kitchen. Are there enough cupboards? Are the cupboards in good condition or do you need to replace the doors?

Don’t forget to look at the flooring, does it need replacing or is it okay? New flooring will make a tired kitchen look so much better.

Build Some Decking in the Garden

If the property comes with a garden you may want to build some decking. Your tenant may not have the time to keep your garden as tidy as you’d want them to. What’s more, is a garden can become a burden if it goes unused. Build some decking and let your tenants enjoy the garden.

You may even want to think about placing a few chairs on the decking too. This will encourage your tenants to spend time out there and enjoy some fresh air.  Adding some decking will also appeal to families as it gives the parents the opportunity to let their children play outside.

Ensure Bedrooms are Light and Airy

Every bedroom should be light and airy. They should ideally be painted in a light colour, and look clean and looked after. Bedrooms do not have to be big to look good, they can still look good even if they’re small.

Make sure that the carpet or others type of flooring is in good condition. Replace any carpet or boards that are a little worse for wear. Ensure windowsills are in good condition and are painted. You may also want to think about adding curtain poles as they make the rooms seem quite cosy.

Deal with any Damp

If there is any damp in your home you need to deal with it now. Damp can potentially cause you a lot of problems if it is not dealt with. If you allow damp to become really bad it could affect the health of your tenants. Deal with any damp as soon as you can, even if this means you have to treat it with chemicals.

No tenant wants to live in a damp property. Open windows, let the air circulate and identify the cause of the problem. Install air vents if you need to, your tenants will thank you for them.

Preparing your home for a tenant may seem like a lot of work. However, getting your home ready can ensure that you always have a tenant who is happy to pay the rent for many years to come.


**This is a collaborative post**

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