Review: Cake by post from Bakerdays

Cake.  Who doesn’t love cake?  I’m definately more of a savoury person but make an exception for cake.

Especially a huge slice of carrot cake.  Or coffee and walnut.  Or chocolate.  Okay – I really love cake.

You can get most things through the post now.  Including cake.  And when the lovely people over at Bakerdays offered to send me a cake to review I could hardly say no.  Cake and cheese make up 85% of my body weight after all…

I never thought ordering cakes online would be a thing – but with Bakerdays it’s quick and easy.

You basically go to the website, choose your occasion, pick a cake – you can even upload a photo, choose your flavour and boom – a few days later a letterbox-size parcel will pop through the door of the lucky recipient.  There are other sizes available too, right up to a large cake or cupcakes.

The packaging is plain and recyclable which I liked; and once opened the enclosed paperwork has a detailed ingredients list.  The cake comes in a tin and ultimately it tastes bloody lovely.

As a whole I really like the idea – sometimes it’s nice to send someone a gift but flowers and wine isn’t always appropriate – cake is just about the most inoffensive thing ever, and especially when you can customise it to suit any diet or occasion.

Thank you for the yummy cake Bakerdays – go check them out!



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