Review: Deluxe Dream Tent Space Adventure

The boy has hit the grand old age of four and sleeping seems to have become another issue – bedtime is no problem but he wakes up a lot and seems to a bit scared of the dark.

So it seemed like an ideal time to be sent a Dream Tent to review – they come in different types including Space Adventure, Unicorn Fantasy, Dinosaur Island and Wonderland.

A Dream Tent is a pop-up tent designed to fit over a single or toddler sized bed to create a little nook for bedtime or reading.  As a child I loved playing tents and it seemed a really cool idea to be able to create a bed tent using one of these.

It comes in a round bag; once you unzip the bag be careful as the tension rods pop straight out so make sure you have plenty of space.

It’s really easy to fit to a bed – you use the two horseshoe shaped grips to sit under the mattress and fold the Dream Tent over and into the clips.  Even if the bed base is deep it still sits okay and once fixed together it doesn’t move.

Inside the tent there is a little pocket and on the front some tie-back curtains which can be left down to create a secret den.  The curtain ties are short and safe, with no risk of harm.

I was initially confused as the pattern is on the outside of the tent but once it’s dark the design is visible on the inside of the tent.

It also comes with a clip on light that clips to the back of the tent and has a push button to select which colour or mode – you can have a dim white light, a selection of colours or a multi-colour mode.  The light does shut off of it’s own accord after a short amount of time.  My only issue would be that the light is easy to remove and my son seems to take it off constantly – I’d rather the lights be built in to the tent to illuminate it or be fixed on in some way.

My little man loves his tent – when he saw it for the first time he was eager to go to bed and I’ve found him sneaking off to read inside it or listen to stories on his globe during the day.

Overall Dream Tent is a lovely idea and it’s a great way to create a tent or bed canopy when you are short on space and funds.  I like that it can be folded up and stored in the bag when not in use and it doesn’t seem like it will break or rip very easily.

Deluxe Dream Tent costs £19.99 and is available at Smyths.

**We were sent a Deluxe Dream Tent in exchange for review.  As always all opinions are honest and my own.**


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