Review: Glove-A-Bubbles

Bubbles are one of those magical things that kids are transfixed by; who doesn’t love bubbles?

Recently I went to my first blogging conference and I was allowed a sneak peek at some of the up and coming products on the toy market, one being Glove-A-Bubbles by Zing.

A standard tub of bubbles is a logistical nightmare for a three year old – the concept of not tipping the bubble mixture out, holding the wand and actually blowing the bubbles usually ends in a tantrum in our house along with wet trousers.  And always usually mine, not his.

Glove-A-Bubbles is a new way to make bubbles – you simply wear the glove, dip it in the bubble pouch and wave your hand to create lots of lovely bubbles.

The Glove-A-Bubble comes in eight different designs – you un-pop the label from the top, open the pouch at the bottom and remove the bubble dipping pouch.

Once you’ve snipped open the bubbles and tipped them into the dipping pouch, pop the Glove-A-Bubble on, wave like crazy and voila – lots and LOTS of lovely bubbles.  The glove itself is made of thick foil-type material and can be reused; you can also pop any other bubble mixture in the pouch once you’ve run out.

They are suggested for age 3 years and upwards – my little man is three and a half and needed my help to get started and dip without spilling the bubble mixture; however he found it great fun and he found the concept much easier than the usual blowing bubbles method.

Would I buy these?  Absolutely – we had so much fun playing with these, they would make a perfect gift, stocking filler or even a party bag filler.

Each Glove-A-Bubble comes with two pouches of bubble mixture and retail at £3.99 each.


**I was given Glove-A-Bubbles in exchange for this review.**

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