Review: Kidloland

When we were approached to try the Kidloland app it seemed like a great idea – I’m not keen on excessive screen time and I’m definitely not keen on the mancub having his own iPad or playing on one but I’ll agree that sometimes it’s a lifesaver.

Long car or train journeys, or sometimes even just keeping him entertained long enough for me to have a blood test or cook dinner, electronic devices are handy.

There are a lot of apps, videos, games and all sorts out there for children and what I liked about Kidloland at first glance was that it seemed to be very educational and I liked this aspect of it.

Advertised as ‘the perfect app for toddlers and preschoolers’, Kidloland is available to download from the Apple App Store, Google Play or Amazon Appstore for Android and is suitable for all Android and Apple devices.

Installing on my iPad Mini was simple, and once installed it loaded quickly and we could scroll through and pick things we wanted to play or watch.

I did like that you can download to your device and so you don’t need the internet to view once downloaded but you have to download things individually and this takes up time and valuable iPad storage.

The little one loved the transport songs and games and enjoyed scrolling and pressing the buttons, as small people do!

Once you have signed up to a month’s subscription you get 7 days as a free trial, you then have to cancel before the end of the seven days.  Personally I would prefer to try for a few days or have access to limited content without having to subscribe or enter card details; this would deter me from purchasing or even trying.

I also found that the subscription prices were not visible on the Kidloland website and it is not easy to see how much it costs or what options are available without downloading the app.

Another negative is that you can’t access any paid-for content you downloaded as a subscriber once your subscription ends, which again would deter me as a paying user.

App wise, I found the content to be vibrant, colourful and educational; my two year old loved it and was excited to play and download lots of things but I did find the app to be sluggish and it did freeze quite a lot.

Overall I would definitely use Kidloland but the issues described previously would put me off; I find there is other similar content available online that is much the same and can be viewed for free.

**We were given a six month subscription in return for an honest review**

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