Review: My Personalised Case

A couple of weeks back my trusty wallet-flip-style phone case fell apart; of course it happened the day before we went on holiday.  Gaaaa.

I learnt the hard way – three days into our holiday my phone fell out of my pocket and the screen cracked.  I cried – and then vowed to make sure I bought a decent phone case and screen protector.

It just so happened that the lovely people at My Personalised Case approached me and offered me a case to review; obviously I bit their arm off and hoped I’d find something to protect my poor phone. They offer personalised phone cases to suit all makes, tastes and budgets.

It’s simple – you go to the website, choose the make and model of your phone, and make your own phone case.  I was chuffed to see I could personalise a wallet-flip-style record for my iPhone 8 and it also had pockets…. double winner.

Often it’s frustrating to have a phone that isn’t made by Apple or Samsung; it can be hard to find cases to fit but I’m pleased to report most phones are featured.

You can go for a variety of colours and templates; I just went for a simple photo on a black background.  Delivery took around a week, and when the case arrived it was really good quality.  It fits my phone nicely and isn’t at all flimsy.  The photo quality is ace too.

The case I chose is a wallet case and is £19.45 plus delivery; it’s always good to check for special offers as there is a summer sale on at the moment(as at July 2018) with up to 50% off.

I’m kind of pleased to report that I’ve also bought a screen protector to avoid any more damage and I’m hoping this case protects it if any more accidents happen!






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