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I’ve been veggie for well over a year now; and I’m really trying to get my diet more balanced – which means finding more protein in the food that I eat.

I’m a self confessed cheese addict and although it is indeed full of protein it’s also full of saturated fat – plus I can’t just eat cheese all the time.

(I mean, I happily would but my waistline won’t thank me.)

I was sent some goodies from NutreeLife to try – and I was intrigued.  They are a family run business based in Lancashire and they pride themselves in being an innovative vegan health nutrition brand:

“Our mission here at NutreeLife is to make great nutrition accessible for all. We want to challenge this perception that protein is just for body-building, but more for the everyday; those who want to be healthy, those who lead an active lifestyle, or those who just simply want to up their protein intake. Our ethos is quality, and that is the foundation to everything we do. We only use the finest natural plant-based ingredients to create a range both highly nutritious and beneficial for you.”

All products are completely natural as well as gluten, lactose and soya free as well as vegan and vegetarian friendly.  They are suitable for anyone – not just body builders; anyone who wants to be a little healthier or up their protein intake.

Italian Herb Vegan Burger Mix

I miss burgers sometimes – of all the meat products I used to eat I really find there is a huge void in the meat-free market for a decent burger, or meatballs even. 

This Burger Mix is easy to use – you take 36g of the powder, mix with 50mls of water and within ten minutes you have a burger or 4/5 meatballs from that portion.  They smell like stuffing mix and once made are really tasty.  They are dry which can be expected from a dry mix; however they would be really lovely in a rich tomato sauce with pasta, or even a casserole or stew. 

Like all the products it contains only natural ingredients – and once opened the packet can be stored in a dark place for 18 months.  A packet contains 14 servings, costs £11.99 and also comes in Fajita and Piri Piri flavour.

Rice & Pea Protein Powder

I don’t get enough protein in my diet; and I’m a huge fan of protein shakes as a quick snack or energy boost.  This mix is basically just rice and peas – like everything else, totally natural and really simple. 

I won’t lie I wasn’t at all keen on the taste, I’d possibly have to add some fruit, Choc Shot or Peanut Butter to it to disguise the taste.  It has huge potential to be an awesome product as it’s reasonably priced and doesn’t contain any nasties; it just wasn’t to my taste.

The Rice & Pea Protein Blend costs £14.99, a packet contains 17 servings and there are other shakes available such as Pea and Pumpkin(website link at the end 🙂 ).  There are also ‘Subscribe & Save’ options which saves you money if you buy regularly.

Other products & my thoughts

The website also offers protein snacks that look lovely – the snacks, bites and bars look tasty and well worth a look.  Each of the products are really nicely balanced – low sugar, high protein and fibre and they can really help boost anyone from someone(like me!) who feels a little run down and isn’t eating a balanced diet to someone body-building.  NutreeLife are a lovely company, a lot of love has gone into the products and I’d recommend them highly to anyone.

You can check out NutreeLife here!

**I was sent products in exchange for an honest review.  As always all opinions are my own.**

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