Review: The Selfie Bag

I love a bag and I especially love the cotton and hessian shopper bags many places sell at the moment.  Although I tend to buy them and never use them for their intended purpose – they are too pretty!

I was sent a ‘Selfie Bag’ from the Cotton Bag company to review and loved the design – it’s perfect to take shopping and has a pocket for a selfie stick and an insert that you can use as a back drop.

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The bag also came with a booklet titled ‘how to take the perfect selfie’ and it was full of tips for taking selfies.  I love the idea of it, however I felt really uncomfortable with some of what was said.  As a mother and as someone who has struggled with body confidence and self esteem issues I felt certain phrases around editing out blemishes and ‘bits of yourself you don’t like’ encouraging issues in young people, especially girls and I found it very uncomfortable.  I’m all for a filter but encouraging people to edit themselves to fit in totally isn’t cool.

Overall the bag is great – a good size and useful for most things but the booklet isn’t my cup of tea and spoils what is a great idea; although it may appeal to teenagers and young people as a mother it’s not a message I would want my teenage daughter to see.

**We were sent a bag in return for an honest review.  For more information click here.**


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