Review: Smashers Series 2 Gross 3 pack

The Summer has long gone(although it’s still been rather warm) and we are slipping into Autumn.  Christmas will be here before we know if and I’ve already started looking for presents, especially for the boy.

He’s hit an age where he likes anything that is, well, gross.  Bottoms, toilets and the inevitable ‘poo-poo head’ name calling have hit our household.  

We’ve spotted Smashers on our travels and when we were sent a Series 2 Gross pack to review the boy was excited.

Smashers are little collectables that come in little eyeballs which you smash and then you can rebuild – the three pack contains:

  • 1x Exclusive smasher
  • 1x Smasher in an eyeball
  • 1x Collectors Tin
  • 1x Collector guide.

From the website:

They’re oozy… and a little bit gooey. They’re GROSS Smashers! What’s inside the slimy eyeball? Just throw, smash, surprise to find over 100 disgustingly gross characters hiding inside! Can you find the eyeball with a SLIME surprise? Rebuild & resmash your Smashers eyeball anytime!

You’ll need a seriously calm stomach to get through this Gross smash pack! With access to Glow in the Dark characters like Horrid Hand, the smashing will never end! Smash your Smashers on the ground, to the wall or anywhere you can think and start building your Smashers collection today!

Keep track of your entire ghastly collection with our free Collector’s Guide inside every pack or download the Smashers app! The Smashers app allows you to interact with your collection and earn Smash Points to become the ultimate Smashers champion!

There are over 100 Series 2 Gross Smashers to collect and some are common, some are rare – the slimy ones being ultra rare.  You can also buy 8 packs and a Sludge Bus to store your Smashers.

Smashers are suitable for age 3+ and my little dude loves them – slime, toilet humour, insects and other grossness ticks all his boxes!

You can buy Smashers including the Series 2 Gross 3 pack here. 🙂


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