Review: The Fay Farm Warm Muscle Rub

I’ve been really struggling recently; my legs, hips, back and just about everything hurts and I’m EXHAUSTED.

I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis(AS) back in 2017 after struggling for years with pain – AS is a long-term chronic illness that causes arthritis and inflammation in the back and often everywhere else.  The usual symptoms are stiffness, pain, swelling and extreme tiredness; which makes work, motherhood and life in general tricky when things are bad.

I’ve been on NSAID’s(non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs, like Ibuprofen/Naproxen etc.) for years and recently I’ve been really struggling with tummy issues and rebound headaches and migraines.  Rebound headaches occur when you take medication for a headache, it comes back, you take more and bam – before you know it you become stuck in a vicious circle where the medication is causing the headaches.

I’m due to start Benepali(anti-tumour necrosis factor AKA TNF) medication shortly to try to fight the active disease but in the mean time I’m left in a slightly crappy situation – I have no pain relief apart from paracetamol(ha!) and heat pads, hot baths and so on.

I’ve always been dubious of herbal and homeopathic treatments – don’t get me wrong I swear by arnica for bruising and I use a migraine ‘stick’ that helps my headaches massively but can herbal products work for pain?

It seemed perfect timing to be sent a tub of Hemp Oil Extract(HOE) Warming Muscle Rub to try to review by the people over at The Fay Farm and last week seemed the ideal time to try it as I was struggling massively with pain.

What is it?

The Fay Farm are an organic farm in the USA who produce natural products free of nasties such as salves, rubs and lotions for all sorts of things such as skin issues, muscle pains arthritis and general body care.

The Warming Muscle Rub comes in two types – with Hemp Oil Extract(HOE) or without; the one I have is with HOE.

What is Hemp Oil Extract?

HOE is a derivative of the cannabis plant – it has a somewhat bad reputation for being an illegal substance and can be a bit of a minefield to understand.  Basically the cannabis plant contains cannabinoids, components that affect the body’s central nervous centre receptors in certain ways; the main ones being Cannabidiols (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinols (THC).

THC is the bit that has psychoactive properties and gets you high; this is the illegal part of the plant.  Anything that contains THC is not legal. 

CBD is the misunderstood one; this is the bit that can help with pain and anxiety along with HOE; they all come from different parts of the plant.  Hemp and Cannabis are ultimately the same thing; just different parts of the plant.

Is it legal?

In the UK CBD and Hemp Oil is legal as long as it contains no THC(the bit that gets you high – less than 0.2% is okay); it is available in many forms and is perfectly legal.  

What is Hemp and how is it useful for chronic pain?

Hemp is the fibrous bit of the cannabis plant and generally has little to no THC; it’s used widely for skin and body care products and it’s believed to reduce inflammation, pain and overall discomfort

HOE Warming Muscle Rub

This little pot of wonder looks good and smells good – I loved the tin; it has a screw top and is easy to take everywhere with me.  It smells delicious – as above, no smell of cannabis or anything chemically and nasty.

A little goes a long way – you rub a bit into the area that hurts/needs it and leave it to do its work.

I was expecting a blast of heat like a well-known muscle rub but it just has a light coolness once applied.  It isn’t greasy and doesn’t rub off on bedding or clothes.

My legs and hips were incredibly painful – instead of taking painkillers I decided to rub some of this in and see what happened.  And it felt really nice – of course it didn’t take away the pain completely but there was a marked improvement and it really helped.

Leg cramps

One night I got the most horrendous leg cramps and the next day my calf was really painful – I was limping and it was painful.  I decided to try to use a bit of the rub – and for a good few hours the pain was reduced and it really helped.


AS comes with the wonderful delight that is ridiculous stiffness every morning – my legs and back get so stiff I struggle to move for hours.  I wondered if, after the leg cramps, could this help?  Yet again I’m pleased to report it did – it doesn’t burn or warm as such but it almost feels cool and really helped.

Would I recommend it?

Absolutely, without a doubt, yes a million times – it’s a fab product and I feel bad for poo-pooing it before I tried it – it’s a great product and I’m going to buy an extra tin to keep in my handbag.  After really suffering from pain and medication side effects recently it feels so nice to be using something that really helps and is organic, not full of nasties and has no side effects.

To anyone struggling with aches, pains, minor or major – this is a fab product and I can honestly find no fault with it – it really works!



The Fay Farm - What is Hemp Oil? What is CBD? Is it legal? #arthritis #chronicpain #spoonie #jointpain #ankylosingspondylitis



**I was sent this product in return for an honest review.  All opinions are my own, all reviews are honest and my own personal opinion.**



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