Road trip: avoiding tyre dramas

In a few week’s time we are off on our holidays – seven hopefully sunny days in Cornwall; which will be much needed.

We love holidaying in the UK – I’m not a keen flyer and you can get some cracking deals on holiday parks dotted just about everywhere.

The only drawback is that travelling can be long – last year we went to Dorset which was 2-3 hours from home and a pleasant drive; this year however we are looking at a 6-7 hour jaunt.

And I’m dreading it – we are taking the dog too so we have to entertain the child and the dog, and I’m hoping it’s a smooth and quick journey.

This weekend I took the car to Manchester and back – 250 miles there, 250 miles back, and even though the car had a service and MOT a few weeks back I needed to check all was in order.

Last year we had tyre dramas on holiday – two days into the holiday we noticed by chance that one of the front tyres was completely bald on one edge, and we were stung with a hefty bill when we had to find two new front tyres urgently.

I’m rubbish with cars, so this year I decided to educate myself and be more prepared.

What do I need to check my tyres for?

Tyre tread depth is one of the most important things you need to check – under UK law each tyre must have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm.  Most tyre outlets will check your tyres for you plus you can get little tools and gadgets online to check or just do the 20p trick – stick a 20p coin in the tread groove on the tyre and if you can see the outer strip on the coin your tyres will likely need replacing.  Tread is so important for things like maintaining stopping distance and to prevent aquaplaning; plus if you are stopped by the police and found to have illegal tyres you may face a hefty penalty and points.

Visually you need to check for any cracks, bulges, threads or anything else that doesn’t look right – back tyres tend to need replacing less often than the front so are more susceptible to cracking as opposed to wearing out.

You should also make sure your wheels are correctly aligned and balanced – if they are not your tyres will wear more quickly in sometimes hard to spot places.

Are you using the right kind or tyres?

When travelling in the UK depending on the mileage, weather conditions, road conditions you may find different tyre types more suitable – many people fail to consider that ‘normal’ road tyres may not be the most suitable depending on where they are going.  I didn’t know that you can get all weather/season tyres, runflat tyres for long, flat drives and even reinforced tyres for carrying heavy loads such as roof boxes.

Where can I get my tyres checked and changed?

It can be a minefield trying to find and compare tyre prices; however TyrePlus do all the hard work for you.  Just pop in your postcode/location and they will find local fitting partners and give all the information you need to get things sorted quickly and cheaply.  You can even find someone to come out to you!

Have you had any holiday car dramas?  Fingers crossed our holiday is car-drama-free this year!



**This is a collaborative post**



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