Ways to save money in Winter

**This is a collaborative post**

It’s December.  Christmas is fast approaching and not only do with have presents to fork out for but our car insurance is also due.  I also get a little twitchy this time of year – January is a long month pay wise, so I’m trying to find ways to cut back where possible.

Bill wise our house is relatively cheap to run – we live in a small end-of-terrace house that the former owner had insulated above and beyond what was necessary so we don’t lose any heat – it’s warm in the Winter and cool(ish) in the Summer.

Gas and electric we pay monthly for by direct debit and because the house stays warm we run the heating for a few hours a day which gives us enough hot water for washing up and bathing plus heat.  Because of this our gas bill is quite low – electric is also not so bad.

An issue we have is the doors and windows – we lose heat through the porch door which is a standard internal door leading to a wooden uninsulated porch.  We get a huge draught through and so I use stuffed sausage dog(not a real one obviously) to keep the heat in and the cold out.

The windows throughout the house are old-fashioned aluminium double glazed and don’t have the best seal; ideally swapping to uPVC windows would be the best option however we rent our house and our landlord probably won’t want to fork out for new ones just to save a few pennies.

We’ve spoken before about adding a conservatory onto the back of the house – our house is two bedrooms(more 1½) and open plan downstairs but we have a decent sized garden and an extra room on the back would be welcome.  Again we don’t own our house but if the option came up to buy it, if we could get planning permission for an extra room at the back I’d buy it without a door.

The much-welcome council tax break is coming at the beginning of the year – plus we are devoid of credit cards so Christmas will be done by what we have with no bills to be paid for months afterwards.

I’m also trying to budget better, especially around fuel and food – I’m meal planning a week ahead at the moment and trying to make exciting yet cheap meals.  I have a blog series planned around this – watch this space!

Do you have any money saving tips or tricks?  Please comment below! 🙂

**This is a collaborative post**

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